Monthly Archives: January 2010

Nasal bleeding

Nasal bleeding Male, 62 years old, in August due to fatigue caused by nasal bleeding, at the local hospital 8 days, after Chinese and Western medicine is not effective cure. Cha hemoglobin was 7 g / ml, blood transfusion, nasal deposition renin gauze pressure to stop bleeding and bleeding medication, but there is still oozing, […]

Itching of skin (dermal collagen fiber hyperplasia)

Male, 50 years old. Skin itching for 11 years. The beginning of conscious medial right lower limb calf itching, enough for about a finger. The lesion skin tight, shiny. Hair removal. Harden with wrinkles, after 10 years, a length of 4 x 5cm large, disease is also increased. The Chinese and Western medicine taken orally […]

Dysuria (simple benign prostatic hyperplasia)

Male, 72 years old, coughing and a half months, fever on the 3rd day with urinary retention, anti-infective therapy for symptomatic treatment. Fever receded, but the belly bulge, urine retention, not diminished, surgical consultation: digital rectal examination: Prostate moderate hypertrophy, flattening the central sulcus did not change. Impression: simple benign prostatic hyperplasia.Recommendations; 1), urinary anti-inflammatory […]