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legent of Chinese herbal medicine

With a prescription , it is necessary to go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription . In the pharmacy , you can see the Division staff to prescription drugs on the counter , holding Dengzi to the medicine cabinet behind a small drawer of a lattice grid go fill a prescription . If it […]


There are three main drug contraindications: (1) Incompatibility: the two drugs Ng produce toxic side effects or to reduce or eliminate the effect predecessors have “Eighteen anti” and “19 fear of description, by referring to the so-called anti-” opposite “is concerned, fear by referring to the so-called “relative evil” is concerned. Eighteen anti licorice anti […]

Recipe Introduction

Pharmacy is the study of medicine a science plucking, performance, efficacy and application, is an important part of medicine. Chinese species are plants, animals, minerals and synthetic, most of which are based on the wild plants, so it is said that Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese medicine and herbal medicine is divided into cooked, cooked drug […]