Monthly Archives: August 2012

Pregnancy back pain

【Overview】 During pregnancy appears mainly to low back pain syndrome, referred to as “pregnancy back pain. Is often one of the fetal irritability symptoms, can trigger a threatened abortion. [The cause of pathological A kidney waist outside the House for the kidney, the kidney hormone virtual room workers injured kidney after pregnancy may cause low […]

Pregnancy hemorrhoids

【Overview】 Trimester of pregnancy prone to hemorrhoids, is also easy to increase the period of hemorrhoids, so women hemorrhoids higher incidence. In late pregnancy, the fetus increases, oppression hemorrhoid venous blood returning blocked, coupled with the impact of eating habits and other factors, can promote hemorrhoids occur. Most of the postpartum diet and maintain a […]

Pregnancy cough

【Overview】 During pregnancy, cough frequency for, called “sub-cough. The Yiming pregnancy cough. [The cause of pathological Child cough causes of a card, and more due to wang pyrophlegm, scrambling, resulting in lung purges caused. . The Yin Feizao ferrite Yin Yin deficiency, poly raising fetal blood after pregnancy, Yin and Blood loss more interference on […]

Pregnancy urinary tract infection

【Overview】 During pregnancy, frequent urination, urgency, dripping astringent pain and other symptoms, known as “sub-leaching, also known as” pregnancy urine poured pain. Equivalent to Western medicine during pregnancy urinary tract infection. [The cause of pathological A major cause of pathology of the disease to kidney yin deficiency, Firelight partial Kang and hot and humid place […]