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Menopausal syndrome

【Overview】 Menopause for women, ovarian function gradually subsided to a transition period to disappear completely stop the process of menopause and menstrual cramps, known as menopause.Menopause generally occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, some women during this period due to sex hormones to reduce the emergence of a range of symptoms, including symptoms […]


[Overview] Diabetes is due to absolute or relative lack of insulin, causing sugar, fat, protein metabolism, resulting in a group of endocrine and metabolic syndrome. With polydipsia and polyuria polyphagia, fatigue, weight loss, etc. syndrome group, and the blood circulation in abnormally high concentrations of glucose as the main clinical features. According to the modern […]


[Overview] Cause of hypoglycemia is caused by a blood glucose concentration is too low, and the resulting sympathetic overactivity and brain dysfunction syndrome-based group. To hunger, pale, heart palpitations rapid pulse, cold sweat, numbness or tremors, fear or mental disorder, and even then as the main clinical features of syncope. The most common clinical features […]


[Overview] Obesity is the body’s intake of calories consumed exceed the calories, fat content in the body leading to excessive accumulation of fat formation. Body weight more than 20% of standard weight, performance fear heat, sweating, fatigue as the main clinical features.Changes due to fat cells into the different physical nature of obesity and acquired […]


[Overview] Gout is a metabolic disorder caused by Yin cast a glance of the disease, resulting in hyperuricemia and gout caused by repeated episodes of acute arthritis, tophi deposition, tophi, chronic arthritis and joint deformities, and often involving the kidney chronic interstitial nephritis, and uric acid kidney stone formation as the main clinical features. According […]