Monthly Archives: September 2010

Heat stroke

Female, 24 years old, patients taking the same day the Department of the fair, home to the middle, collapsed at the roadside. Therefore, the emergency request. See: soul less clear, such as crack call headache, upset manic disturbance, breathing rough, white strands of bloodshot eyes, mouth big thirst, and the sweat, nausea Yu Tu, scanty […]

Herpes Zoster

Female, 55 years old, patients in the four days from the right lower limb pain, rash appears three. Readme unbearable burning right leg, worse at night, accompanied by irritability, throat, anorexia. Past have diabetes, high blood pressure. NPC history.Examination: right side of the buttocks, groin, thigh three red blisters, and the larger 3 x 2 […]

Asthma (bronchial asthma)

Male, 34 years old, patients with asthma caused due early flu disease, attack, breathing difficulties, mouth Taijian, not supine, frequent and heavy autumn and winter episodes, each to be injected with aminophylline. Ephedrine to asthma, but can not cure, scarring moxibustion asked to do this. Zheng Jian are coughing, wheezing, not supine, worse at night, […]

Shoulder coagulation disorder (periarthritis)

Female, 50 years old, patients feel cold as there was in April before the right shoulder pain, gradually increasing, and at night even more, functional activity limitation, by the multi-treatment, no significant effect. Thin yellow tongue coating, thready pulse. Vein disease The combination of all, evidence is shoulder arthritis, Guanyuan, lung caused by poor blood […]

Wind dried up (cerebral thrombosis)

Wind dried up (cerebral thrombosis) Male, 43 years old, four days ago, suddenly fell to the ground, conscious, and soon right hemiparesis, aphasia, into an epigastric, diagnosed as cerebral thrombosis, motor aphasia.The use of Chinese and Western medical treatment, the effect is not significant. Zheng Jian right hemiparesis are parts of speech, lack of appetite, […]

Optic atrophy

Male, 21 years old, a year ago, the patient felt blurred vision, was progressive, for unknown reasons. Near visual acuity decreased in February. Ophthalmology clinic in a hospital as a “familial optic atrophy. Repeated service in Western medicine, the effect is not significant. Is unclear Zheng Jian blurred vision, headache, vision the right 0.05, left […]

Chest Pain (angina pectoris)

Male, 52 years old, patients with history of hypertension, chest pain six months. Weekly attack once or twice, body fat, phlegmatic.Smoking 20 cigarettes per day, fur greasy, slippery pulse, the diagnosis of coronary heart disease and angina. Differentiation for the phlegm type. Governance to expectorant meridians. Prescription: Ju Que. Xinpei, Feishu. Hong Long. After treatment: […]