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CHSGS treatment of chronic superficial gastritis

Chronic superficial gastritis and chronic gastritis is the most common type, country medicine is no such disease name, but in the ancient literature, there is a similar description of the disease, such as “epigastric pain,” “bloating,” “noisy,” ” fullness, “” vomiting “, etc., are also a variety of treatment methods. The author of the CD […]

Wind dried up (cerebral thrombosis)

Wind dried up (cerebral thrombosis) Male, 43 years old, four days ago, suddenly fell to the ground, conscious, and soon right hemiparesis, aphasia, into an epigastric, diagnosed as cerebral thrombosis, motor aphasia.The use of Chinese and Western medical treatment, the effect is not significant. Zheng Jian right hemiparesis are parts of speech, lack of appetite, […]

Hemifacial spasm

54 years old female, left facial muscles in patients with persistent seizures, the left eye, mouth staggering, his left eye as things difficult, ambiguous words have multiple treatment, no noticeable effect. Evidence is reinforced by the disease, “Jinji”, is reinforced from the rule of Prescription:, Tong Zi liao, Shuigu, Shizhukong After treatment; surface is full […]

Shoulder pain

Female, 61 years old, six months after exposure to cold before and after the arm pain, gradually increasing in recent weeks, day and night light weight, shoulder chills, numbness of the left index finger, thumb, left arm on the move and the pain got worse after the extension, limitation of activity. Check: the appearance of […]