Monthly Archives: October 2012

Postpartum rectal prolapse

Postpartum anal canal, rectum shift to the remote, called “postpartum rectal prolapse. Western equivalent of the anal canal, rectum prolapse. The disease is more common in childbirth premature to Beng gas, caused the increased abdominal pressure. Can also be seen in the production process is too long, and pregnant women exhausted, gas Haoshang in the […]

Vomiting of pregnancy

After pregnancy, nausea and vomiting, anorexia, or ingestion of the spit, called “Vomiting”. The disease mostly occurs in early pregnancy, usually gradually disappeared after 3 months of pregnancy. This disease is a disease areas of pregnancy, the Western equivalent of hyperemesis gravidarum. [The cause of pathological Vomiting in the main pathological red veins of the […]

Threatened abortion

Early pregnancy have a small amount of vaginal bleeding or with mild lower abdominal pain. Gynecological examination when the cervix is not open, enlarged uterus and pregnancy, consistent with the month as threatened abortion surplus examination showed a gestational sac or fetus, the fetal heart, fetal reflection. The disease prognosis, there are two possibilities, one […]

Habitual abortion

Continuous natural miscarriage more than three times (including three) called habitual abortion. Benbingfasheng in women of childbearing age, the etiology is complex and difficult to treat. Habitual abortion is equivalent to the “skidding” of Chinese medicine. The research focus in recent years. [The cause of pathological Doctors believe the cause of this disease are the […]