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Moxibustion Overview

Moxibustion, is the application of heat (mainly AIDS drugs or other substances produced after burning hot) or low temperatures, or in some materials (on the skin stimulating effect of the drug or other substance) direct contact with the skin surface resulting from the stimulation of acupuncture points in the human body or certain parts, so […]

Pediatrics four diagnostic four

palpation Palpation surface some parts doctor Qiemo and contact with the sick child to a checkup condition. The Palpation including Qiemo and press attending two parts. [Qiemo] In the pediatric Qiemo the age “Youyou integration:” pediatric three-year-old can advice to children under 3 years old can not pulse diagnosis, the available police fingerprint complementary pulse […]

Pediatrics four diagnoses

Pediatrics four diagnoses ◆ smelling Smelling doctors use hearing and smell a way to diagnose the disease. Listen to the sound, including wails, language sound, the sound of a cough and breathing; smelling mouth odor in children, urine odor, vomit odor. Wails Crying children a “language” will be crying when pediatric physical discomfort or pain. […]

Pediatric four diagnostic

Look, smell, and asked, cut, known as “the four diagnostic methods, TCM diagnosis disease. Clinically, these four aspects can be neglected, could not be viewed in isolation from a particular aspect, should be “The combination of all complement each other. Pediatric physiological and pathological features, growth and development, and disease response are different from adults, […]