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Palpation is the hand touch the patient’s body , in order to understand one way the disease. This section only on palpation , I did not prepare out . Qiemo also known as pulse diagnosis , the doctor of their fingers after radial artery pulse at the wrist , in order to observe changes in […]

watch diagnosis

Pain with their different nature , each with characteristics different characteristics reflect different nature of the lesion , the common characteristics of pain , about ten or less . First, the pain : Pain has a sense of expansion , that the pain. To the chest, threatening , abdominal , abdominal , lumbar and sacral […]

Watch technicle

Observation of the patient body , complexion, tongue , tongue , according to the form, color changes to determine disease location , disease resistance, called by inspection . 1 watch his physical body , we can see the ups and downs internal organs , Qi Xuan has long been discussed . “Su asked to be […]


Smelling a variety of sounds generated from the patient , from the level of urgency , strong or weak , sick of voicing sensing methods . ① high-pitched voice : Yes righteousness is not true , are heat syndrome , empirical . ② Voice muddy : are exogenous cold, without declaring lung , lung -chun […]

Yin-yang doctrine

Yin and yang theory is the ancient Chinese philosophy of dialectical materialism is simple . Thus , the ancient physician borrow yin and yang theory to explain the phenomena of human physiology, pathology , and to guide summarizes medical knowledge and clinical experience, which gradually formed the basis of yin and yang theory of Chinese […]