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Chinese Gynecology definition and history

Chinese Gynecology Blood and viscera of the activities of the body meridians function basically the same men and women. However, there are women in the uterus dissected organs, there are physiological menstruation, birth pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding education and other characteristics, have been in the pathology, belt, birth, production, miscellaneous diseases and other diseases, resulting […]


Overview Edema is fluid retention in the body of water, flooding the skin, causing the eyelids. Head, face, limbs, front and even the whole body edema, severe cases can also be associated with pleural effusion. Ascites. Found in glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, liver disease, congestive heart failure, nutritional disorders, endocrine disorders and diseases. Etiology and […]


Overview Constipation Constipation refers unreasonable, prolonged defecation or stool and incomprehensible like a poor condition.Constipation caused by intestinal organic disease, but most are simple constipation. Lack of food debris, emergency intestinal loss, lack of defecation power, intestinal obstruction, or other neuropsychiatric diseases can cause constipation. Etiology and pathology Cause of constipation within a hot junction, […]


Overview Diarrhea refers to increased frequency of defecation, fecal matter is very thin like water spilled out. The disease can occur throughout the year, but more common in summer and autumn. Visible and acute and chronic colitis, intestinal disorders, colon and other allergies, or functional diarrhea. Clinically divided into acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea. Etiology […]