Monthly Archives: November 2009

Hairline sore

This disease is really hot and humid evil type, in order to clearthe fever and improve blood circulation. Take Dazhui, fengchi, quchi, Hegu the main points, and accompanied by local surround needle stuck. Dazhui direct punch, fengchi to the opposite corner of the eye stab 1.0 a 1.5-inch. Surround needle treatment refers to swelling of […]

Tinnitus and deafness

In order to tinggong,tinghui,Yifeng the main points, with zhongzhu zuqiaoyin points, kidney deficiency add taixi points,and some ear points, such as yifeng,tinghui,tinggong points,to be transmitted to the ear canal so that a sense pin. Remote points such as zhongzhu,zuqiaoyin are obtained needle felt based on the application of acupuncture techniques, so that acupuncture meridian to […]

Acupuncture Treatment of Nephroptosis (also called floating kidney or renal ptosis)

Often take Shenshu, Qi Hai Yu, Sanyinjiao three points. Interpolation method with the Twist mention. Shenshu the direction of the spine 60 – 70-degree diagonal stabbing. Qihai shu to the spine direction 60 -70-degree diagonal stabbing. Shenshu, shenshu qihai shu to get Qi for the effect, in order to pin a sense of Sanyinjiao through […]

Lumbago (back pain)

Female 38 years old, teachers, five years ago, because of lower back pain caused by childbirth, had by rheumatism, fatigue, kidney, trauma and other treatment ineffective. 1 hour for each lecture, it will take a short bed body of interest. Diet ok, urine normal, normal menstruation, leucorrhea more. Examination: pulse Sink in, tongue red moss […]

Shaoyang headache (migraine headaches)

34-year-old woman, staff, the right half of a headache for four years, on and off, drowsy and affect life and work. Has been the subject of Cerebral blood flow diagram, diagnosis: vascular tension increased. EEG blood pressure were normal. Loss of appetite can be, more than urine, constipation, headache, but connect with menstruation. Check: pulse […]

Arthralgia syndrome (rheumatoid arthritis)

Arthralgia syndrome (rheumatoid arthritis) Male 48 years old, patients suffering from joint pain since 1998, climate change intensified, laboratory tests and other indicators of a normal erythrocyte sedimentation rate, unhealed after treatment. Right knee surgery was null and void. Suddenly in June this year, knee swelling, pain, stiffness, unable to walk. Examination, pulse soft and […]

Stroke recovery

Male, 60 years old. Cases of patients with left hemiplegia had more than seven months. Sick side of pain, can only be flattering to the chest, fingers can not bend and stretch, lower extremity difficulty walking, urine normal. Blood pressure 160/90mmHg, pale tongue with a wet, bitter white, pulse sink。Diagnosis of deficiency of qi and […]


65 years old female, two years ago, suffered from hypertension, and left hemiplegia, after acupuncture treatment, physical activity to resume. In the afternoon, confusion, not speech, the right limbs unresponsive. Irritable mood, can still sleep and eating, constipation, urine normal. Tongue coating is thin, floating pulse string. Differentiation is blood loss and liver heat, moving […]

Face pain (trigeminal neuralgia)

55 years old men, from three months ago, right facial pain, showing paroxysmal attack, 10 to 20 times a day, severe pain, the very in the knife. A particular doctor diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia, treatment is not effective. Search: The patient suffering face with color yellow, red tongue, yellow tongue fur, pulse a few strings. […]

Migraine Headache

The disease mostly evil heat stagnation in Shaoyang meridians, upstream in the head and caused headaches. Treatment of the disease mainly through the remote points to take Shaoyang channel. Before treatment to take Hand-Shaoyang Sanjiao Zhigou points, such as pain after needle not immediately disappear, then add a little by the Guanming points, or foot […]