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Vomiting Overvie Vomiting, stomach contents is out of the mouth against the esophagus Syndrome. Common in acute gastritis, cardiac spasm, pyloric obstruction, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, or brain disease, certain drugs can also cause vomiting. Etiology and pathology Six Exogenous vomiting disease because, evil Fan Wei, impassioned internal injuries, as well as diet, Laojuan over other, causing […]


Overview Card is the leakage of sweat sweat disorders disease. Not because of external environmental factors, and the day always sweating, spontaneous action are known as the Yi Shen; sleep soundly in the sweating, waking from the only person known as night sweats; occur in the dying when, sweating or sweating, such as oil, with […]


Insomnia is often not get normal sleep is characterized by a disease. Into the light are difficult to sleep soundly, sleep soundly, wake up easily understood, can not wake up after sleep soundly, wake up when sleep soundly when so seriously, you can not sleep all night. As a symptom, insomnia usually does not cause […]


Refers vertigo dizziness vertigo, light turn a blind eye basis, in serious cases such as car shipping, can not stand, with nausea, vomiting, fainting and other symptoms even then. The disease can occur in a variety of medical diseases, common in high blood pressure, anemia, Meniere’s syndrome (Meniere’s disease) and other disease. Etiology and pathology […]