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Behcet’s disease

[Overview] Behcet’s disease is an inflammation of small blood vessels to the pathological basis of multi-system damage in autoimmune diseases. To repeated attacks and ease of empyema iridocyclitis, oral mucosa and genital ulcers two together outside the main clinical features of disease. Incidence of bacterial, viral infection, drug allergy, autoimmune reactions and other factors.Behcet’s disease […]

Sjogren’s syndrome

[Overview] Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic inflammation involving the whole body of exocrine autoimmune connective tissue disease.Due mainly affects the lacrimal gland, so as to dry eyes and mouth as the main clinical features. The disease has a primary and secondary points, which in addition to dry eye and mouth on the outside, yet also […]

Hemorrhagic stroke

[Overview] Hemorrhagic stroke is the primary or spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage. The vast majority is due to hypertension, atherosclerosis, small artery disease associated with the brain – degeneration, necrosis and the formation of micro-aneurysms, a sudden increase in blood pressure, the micro-aneurysm rupture and bleeding, bleeding in the brain parenchyma after the formation of occupying an […]


[Overview] Epilepsy is a paroxysmal abnormal state of mind of the disease. Clinically manifested as transient sensory disturbances, limb convulsions, loss of consciousness, behavioral disorders or autonomic dysfunction of different symptoms, or both. Most patients with epilepsy (seizures) is a brain disease caused by various internal and external, known as secondary epilepsy, now known as […]