Epilepsy is a paroxysmal abnormal state of mind of the disease. Clinically manifested as transient sensory disturbances, limb convulsions, loss of consciousness, behavioral disorders or autonomic dysfunction of different symptoms, or both.
Most patients with epilepsy (seizures) is a brain disease caused by various internal and external, known as secondary epilepsy, now known as idiopathic epilepsy of unknown cause.Idiopathic epilepsy age of onset for the 5 years before and after puberty. The prognosis depends on the cause of the disease, in general, such as idiopathic epilepsy medication in a timely manner, the rules, the prognosis is good, does not affect the life, or, easy to make repeated epileptic seizures, persistent refractory. Epilepsy is a Chinese “carbuncle card” category.

[Etiology and pathology]
The cause of epilepsy can be divided into congenital causes and acquired causes. Pregnant women missing nursed back to health (maternal frightened by the sudden), and fetal congenital hypoplasia of reasons: because of the impassioned acquired disorders, brain trauma, and the six evils evils invasion, or improper diet, overwork, or suffering from other diseases can then be Visceral pain caused by damaged hair as evidence.
Pathological changes of the mother frightened by the sudden, a leading air-reverse chaos, a leading fine injury and impotence, the so-called “fear of the fine was” to make the abnormal fetal development, after the occurrence of secondary evidence of birth, this is innate factors cause. Acquired factors, mainly due to panic caused by epilepsy and diet disloyal, resulting in dysfunctional organs: Startled by the sudden great fear, causing air-reverse chaos, “fear of the gas,” “shock the gas chaos,” and further damage to internal organs, such as liver and kidney damage, liver and kidney yin deficiency can, heat wind, stomach damage the health movement loss of the Secretary, phlegm cohesion, a case of incentives, wind, fire, phlegm Shangcuan brain God, blind mind orifices, and epilepsy. If the emotional uncomfortable, fatigue, liver qi stagnation, phlegm Shangni liver wind folder, occlusion minded, congestion meridian can also be made for epilepsy. In addition, brain trauma, the mind against the chaos, blood stasis, and no collaterals can also be made for epilepsy.Epilepsy and kidney, liver, spleen dirty three most closely related, disease transformation and wind, phlegm, blood stasis related, especially in sputum evil mischief is most important.

[Diagnostic points
1 expression in various forms, in most cases, a detailed medical history, clinical features, careful physical examination, combined with EEG and other laboratory examinations, can confirm the diagnosis.
2, also known as grand mal generalized seizures. To loss of consciousness and convulsions characterized for primary or secondary, now that most of them are secondary. Attack can be divided into three phases: aura phase, tonic phase, clonic phase.
3 more episodes of non-small-body clonic seizures, to consciousness-based. Simplex only loss of consciousness, is accompanied by a brief compound tonic, clonic, or automatism, and autonomic symptoms.
4 partial seizures including simple partial seizures and complex partial seizures, the former mostly local lesions caused by cerebral cortex, which is also known as psychomotor seizures.
Special syndrome occurred in 5 infants and young children or young people, such as infantile spasms, healthy children, the central area and one temporal lobe spike-wave seizures, epilepsy and other children in the occipital discharge stoves; there are 5% of patients with epilepsy can induce epilepsy.
6 EEG is normal and important method of examination.Intermittent episodes of induced EEG with a variety of ways, on various types of seizures, the positive rate of 80% to 85%. If the attack for the tracings, are more diagnostic significance.

[Type] dialectical
1 block off the wind phlegm symptoms: often before the onset of dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, body parts tic embolism (those who have no obvious sign), made the sudden or servant, unconsciousness, convulsions, spiting, or with sharp called and stool incontinence. There are also brief unconsciousness, convulsions, or in a trance without those. Greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse multi-string.
Syndromes: dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, body parts twitching sickness, are symptoms of aura Shangni wind phlegm; liver wind, the wind moving sputum, sputum closed wind resistance, be kept mind, spirit in her, the carbuncle card attack; liver spleen is not health movement, endogenous phlegm, wind phlegm and spit on the Bay Xianmo; such as phlegm is not heavy, indulge in the wind, could only short-term confusion, or in a trance without convulsions; greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse, are the signs of wind phlegm folder.
2. Tanhuo Sheng symptoms: convulsions spiting attack faint servant, trismus, or roaring, usually irritable mood, insomnia, cough unhappy. Pain and dry mouth, constipation, red tongue, yellow greasy, slippery pulse string.
Syndrome analysis: partial anger Wang, fire moving wind, suffering body fluid, knot the sputum, expectoration so unhappy, and mouth in the accent; wind phlegm up, blocking the heart orifices, disturbed the gods, the faint twitch spiting servant, andtrismus; liver is not comfortable, then irritable mood; fire disturbance of mind, the insomnia upset; red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse string, are anger phlegm Piansheng of the levy.
3 Spleen phlegm symptoms: daily malaise, fatigue, chest tightness, dizziness. Attack of dark complexion stagnation or squint white limbs Jueleng, soul narcoma, lying curled Spasm, or frequent convulsions, vomiting Xian Mo, cry low mood. Tongue pale, greasy moss, pulse smooth.
Symptom analysis: spleen Yang, wet sputum intrinsic, and thus daily malaise, fatigue, chest tightness; yang deficiency, not a very inviting body, so the onset of stagnation when dark complexion, limbs Jueleng, cry low mood; phlegm blind orifices, Therefore, the soul narcoma, Spasm, convulsions; tongue pale, greasy moss, pulse Spleen is smooth enough, the signs of phlegm filled.
4 marrow deficiency symptoms: onset of epilepsy falling, vagrancy, face haggard quenching dark dark, insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitations, dizziness, weak knees, Shenpi fatigue. Thin greasy tongue coating, thready and weak pulse.
Symptom analysis: As recurrent seizures, unhealed course, leading to lack of effort, marrow deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, fine blood depletion, heart, liver and all true, it appears vagrancy, forgetfulness, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, back knee weakness, fatigue Shenpi embolism; thin greasy moss, pulse slim and fragile as the heart, liver and all the signs of true.
5 Stagnation context symptoms: head more than a stumble, the history of brain injury, epilepsy unhealed course. Usually can be a headache, mental depression, numbness, or head, face numbness. Attack symptoms are fixed, convulsions or systemic or local, often after onset of headache. Dark purple tongue or with petechia, thin white fur, pulse astringent or string tight.
Syndromes: head trauma, blood in the brain Court, stasis brain network, for a long time can cause headaches and other patient contact, and the pain has given place; context Stagnation, then numbness, or head, face numb, fixed-onset seizures are moreunchanged after the onset of a headache than the obvious; dark purple tongue or ecchymosis, thin white fur, pulse astringent, blood stasis of the sign.

[Type] treatment
1 rule is closed blocking the wind phlegm: Phlegm Xifeng, resuscitation be carbuncle.
Recipe: the main square and pain pills.
Zhu Li Pinellia 9 g 30 g 12 g bile Shichangpu Star 12 Ke Chuanbei 9 g Tian Ma Gou Teng 12 g 12 g scorpion powder 2 grams (swallow) silkworm Sunburn Polygala 6 g 12 g 30 g Zhu Fu Shen Long teeth 9 grams subtraction with the disease: confusion, those who indulge in Tansheng, plus Tianzhu Yellow 12 grams, white tuber 9 g to be epileptic Phlegm resuscitation; pyrophlegm obstruct real, plus rhubarb 9 grams, in order to heat purgeXiehuo.
2. Pyrophlegm filled Therapeutic: Liver Xiehuo, phlegm resuscitation.
Recipe: Long Dan Xie Gan co Phlegm Decoction.
Gentian 6 g 9 g Mu Tong Shan masts habitat 12 g 5 g 9 g Pinellia right iris 12 Kernan real 9 g Tian Ma Xing 9 grams 12 grams 12 grams of Uncaria pheretima 12 g scorpion powder 2 grams (swallow) subtraction with the disease: constipation, add rhubarb 9 g (later) to Xiehuo catharsis; insomnia, plus Zaoren 12 grams, 30 grams Caulis to Anshen.
3 Spleen phlegm rule is: spleen dampness, phlegm be epilepsy.
Recipe: Six Gentlemen Decoction.
Codonopsis 9 grams 12 grams Atractylodes Poria 12 grams of dried tangerine peel 6 g Pinellia 9 g 9 g bile Southern Star Iris Long 12 grams 12 grams to 6 grams Polygala Sunburn centipede 2, 6 grams licorice subtraction with the disease: upset, insomnia, plus Bozi 12 grams, Zaoren 12 grams, with uneasiness of mind; cold limbs, indulge in yang, can be added aconite 9 grams, ginger 6 grams, the yang dampness.
4 marrow deficiency rule is: nourishing essence and blood, liver and kidney tonic.
Recipe: Da Bu Yuan Jian addition and subtraction.
Codonopsis 12 grams Rehmannia 12 g yam and medicine 15 Kedu Chung 12 grams, 12 grams medlar dogwood 9 grams Angelica 9 grams Zhigancao 6 g Shichangpu Polygala 6 g 12 g 12 g Gastrodia Uncaria 15 grams subtraction with the disease: kidney biased virtual-based, could increase turtle version of 12 grams, Placenta powder 6 g (swallow), to fill the kidney essence; trance, fear, depression, anxiety, can be added Huai Wheat 30 grams, jujube 7, willing to priorities, keep the heart and moistening.
5 Stagnation meridian rule is: blood circulation, meridians and pain.
Recipe: Xuefuzhuyu Tonga flavor.
Peach kernel safflower 9 g 9 g 9 g Chuan Xiong Angelica habitat 9 g 9 g 12 g red peony root of Bupleurum 9 g 9 g Citrus aurantium Achyranthes Campanulaceae 6 g 12 g 12 g silkworm and earthworm 12 g, 6 grams licorice with the disease Modified: headache worse, plus Tianma 12 grams, 30 grams Puerarin to Pinggan blood; disturbed sleep soundly at night, plus Caulis 30 grams, 30 grams dragon’s teeth, to Anticonvulsant sedative.

[Chinese medicine]
1 Platinum pill 3 grams each, three times a day can be long-term use.
2 indigo powder 3 grams each time, 3 times daily after meals.Half of those who are not fat, 2 times a day, a year is not made by, day 1.

[Simple] side
Scorpion, centipede, silkworm, turtle worms of equal parts of research for the not, into the hollow capsules, each 5, sooner or later the guard times, Xifeng function and pain.

[Other therapies]
Acupuncture: attack, it is desirable Baihui, people, after the river, Yongquan, with reducing method, strong stimulation, functional Phlegm resuscitation, Pingganxifeng.
Catgut embedding: Bilateral Leong, Neiguan catgut implants, buried a three months time, burying a total of 3 times, can be phlegm pure heart and pain.
Body therapy: appropriate physical exercise helps to strengthen the body, reduce the incidence. Such as tai chi, aerobics and so on.
Take sneeze Law: sterilization of cotton or feathers, or catheter, etc., slowly into the nasal cavity of patients, so that it take the sneeze recovery.

l. epilepsy disease can not be sharply or stop taking medicine, so as not to cause epilepsy acyl continuous state.
(2) to overcome the inferiority complex and fear, to avoid fatigue, stress factors stimulation.
(3) Strengthen physical exercise, living a regular, avoid alcohol and other stimulating food.
4 prohibited driving, swimming, going out alone at night and other activities, if any attack warning, you should immediately lie down to avoid falls.