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The origin and development of medicinal tea I

Herbal tea with qigong , acupuncture , is an important part of Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation. Herbal tea is a long life of our ancestors in practice, constantly creating and accumulated rich experience in crystalline and many times verified to be effective. For thousands of years , for the health […]

Health and pharmacodynamic effects of tea

Health and pharmacodynamic effects of tea , medicine in the country has long been discussed , but only clinical experience summary. For example , the Tang Dynasty “Herbal Supplements” said: . ” Various drugs for the drug for each disease , the tea as medicine of all diseases ,” pointed out the medicinal value of […]

Features and Applications of herbal tea

Herbal tea prevent and cure diseases , why can continue for several years without failure it? This unique characteristic about herbal tea . Herbal decoction while maintaining complete absorption subtraction flexible, adapt Chinese dialectical theory of governance characteristics, but also to overcome the large amount of decoction , decoction cumbersome , inconvenient to carry and […]