The origin and development of medicinal tea I

Herbal tea with qigong , acupuncture , is an important part of Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation. Herbal tea is a long life of our ancestors in practice, constantly creating and accumulated rich experience in crystalline and many times verified to be effective. For thousands of years , for the health of the Chinese nation , to make a contribution.

Herbal tea , both as people spare , after-dinner drinks , and can prevent and cure diseases , slow decline of aging and longevity. So , was widely welcomed , and enduring. According to preliminary research , tea party described in ancient medical books , at least two hundred tongues. A single flavor , but also compound ; There used to treat the disease, but also health care , longevity . Variety, indeed regarded as a Chinese medicine extracts .

Tea, long considered to be a variety of functions medicine . In the long history of the use of tea in 4000 years , there are three thousand years primarily as a medicinal. As a medicinal tea , there are records of many ancient books on . For example: ” Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” Our earliest existing pharmacy this monograph , the function of tea , there is a clear record: “tea bitter, Ezywood people drink less lying , light-weight , eyesight .” And a ” Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs , day case of 72 drugs , have tea and the solution of the ” legend : Shennong tasting hundreds of herbs , when the taste of green rolling mountains of gold beads poisoning , happened to fall in tea , and the tea leaves dew flows into the mouth , so that wake saved. Although this story is a legend , but documented fact that tea has detoxification function . Tuo in the Three Kingdoms “food theory” wrote ” meaning Kucha long food benefits ,” noted tea has a refreshing effect. ZhangZhongJing doctors have described the Han Dynasty “tea sepsis very effective treatment will ” test in “Febrile Diseases” . Liang Hongjing doctors says: “The long tea can Qingshenjianfei for bones .” Although this smacks of hyperbole , but it also shows the tea has physical health and longevity of effect. Tang period , the court ordered the preparation of Su Jing , etc. “Tang Materia Medica” Cloud: ” flavor joys, slightly cold , non-toxic , the main fistula sores, Lee urine, phlegm go thirsty , the main gas, consumer Sushi under ⋯ ⋯. gas digestion , for drink, Jia Zhu dogwood , onion, ginger good . ” Chen Cangqi ” Herbal Supplements “also remember the” breaking heat, in addition to malaria , Lee large intestine . ” famous physician Wang Tao ‘s ” Taiwan Miyao ” volume XXXI in the ” new generation of tea drinking party” a detailed account of the herbal tea production , use and indications of disease , creating a precedent for making herbal tea . Yao Wang Sun Ssu- edited “Prescriptions “, ” Qian Jin Yi Fang” , said the food governance section of tea “It is a powerful , Yue Chi” and recorded a dozen prescription tea party . Meng wash ” Herbal” is also a useful herbal cure “back pain is difficult to turn ,” ” toxic heat diarrhea ” records.