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[Overview] Schizophrenia is the most common form of mental illness. In the absence of brain lesions, based on the performance of thinking, emotion and will behavioral disorders, and lack of coordination of activities to highlight the spirit of the symptoms.According to the different clinical symptoms can be divided into paranoid, youth-based, tension-type, simple type, and […]


[Overview] Neurasthenia is due to psychological stress in patients with long-term, mental overload or traumatized, resulting in brain dysfunction resulting from a variety of clinical symptoms of a neurological functional diseases. The range of clinical symptoms, mainly excitable spirit, spiritual fatigue, emotional instability, tension and pain, sleep disorders and autonomic dysfunction, but these symptoms are […]

Alzheimer’s disease

[Overview] Alzheimer’s disease is an acquired damage to the cerebral cortex comprehensive advanced features, the performance of memory, sense, sensory and motor function, speech, activities of daily living, social functioning, interpersonal communication, the ability to control emotional reactions such as reduction or loss of the general . Daisha stupid, but there is no disturbance of […]

Chronic adrenal hypofunction

[Overview] Also known as chronic adrenal hypofunction Addison’s disease is due to tuberculosis, autoimmune or other causes of damage to the adrenal tumor most, leading to inadequate secretion of adrenal hormones caused by chronic clinical syndrome. With pigmentation, fatigue weight loss, low blood pressure and water and salt metabolism as the main clinical features. Patients […]

Diabetes insipidus

[Overview] Diabetes insipidus is due to a lack of antidiuretic hormone (central or pituitary diabetes insipidus), or antidiuretic hormone response against defects in kidney (nephrogenic diabetes insipidus) caused the endocrine disease. To polydipsia polydipsia, polyuria, low specific gravity of urine as the main clinical features. According to the cause can be divided into primary and […]