Monthly Archives: December 2009

Vertigo (essential High Blood Pressure)

Female, 43 years old. A result of the past six months in patients with frequent headaches, dizziness, palpitations, through medical and neurological examination, diagnosed as essential hypertension, who had taken antihypertensive drugs in Western medicine, but not significant decline in blood pressure, and after the treatment has not dropped after a week the normal range, […]

Sequelae of cerebral contusion

Female, 18-year-old patient because of labor by the trauma, coma 45 days, rescue, the left has unsteady gait, slurred speech. Nervous system examination: talking nonsense and ambiguous, monotonous, was the outbreak of samples, other people find difficult to understand, the lower limbs, muscle tone, tendon reflexes weak, are marked on the right refers to nose […]

Chronic Diarrhea

Male, 47 years old, are not ordinary times festival food, hunger and eat uneven pleases food cold. Abdominal pain and diarrhea after. Often by press abdominal pain reduced, then the pain increased to eat cold. Stool 3-6 times a day. Pus when the white foam-like mass, there is a sense of falling. Increased the past […]

Asthma (asthmatic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema)

Female, 65 years old, coughing and asthma for many years, every October to April the following year, cough, asthma attacks, the winter is even worse. Over the past 10 years of exacerbations. Chinese and Western medicine has treated illness when light weight could not cure. The patient’s body weight loss, language low, coughing slightly, slightly […]

Stroke recovery

Male, 60 years old. Cases of patients with left hemiplegia had more than seven months. Sick side of pain, can only be flattering to the chest, fingers can not bend and stretch, lower extremity difficulty walking, urine normal. Blood pressure 160/90mmHg, pale tongue with a wet, bitter white, pulse sink。Diagnosis of deficiency of qi and […]


65 years old female, two years ago, suffered from hypertension, and left hemiplegia, after acupuncture treatment, physical activity to resume. In the afternoon, confusion, not speech, the right limbs unresponsive. Irritable mood, can still sleep and eating, constipation, urine normal. Tongue coating is thin, floating pulse string. Differentiation is blood loss and liver heat, moving […]

Face pain (trigeminal neuralgia)

Face pain (trigeminal neuralgia) 55 years old men, from three months ago, right facial pain, showing paroxysmal attack, 10 to 20 times a day, severe pain, the very in the knife. A particular doctor diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia, treatment is not effective. Search: The patient suffering face with color yellow, red tongue, yellow tongue fur, […]