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Chronic diarrhea

Male, 49 years old, prime suffering from tuberculosis, through improved governance. Diarrhea in two years ago. When committed when issued, in February to nearly every afternoon, conscious of bowel. Abdominal pain, moved for diarrhea, faecal material without red blood and pus, urine clear, after a hospital diagnosis of “intestinal tuberculosis,” is to vote anti-TB drug […]

Chronic Diarrhea

Male, 47 years old, are not ordinary times festival food, hunger and eat uneven pleases food cold. Abdominal pain and diarrhea after. Often by press abdominal pain reduced, then the pain increased to eat cold. Stool 3-6 times a day. Pus when the white foam-like mass, there is a sense of falling. Increased the past […]