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Kidney damage

Needled wrong, hurt the kidneys, “Nei Jing” and also referred to as “Q ban on gill” says: “stabbed in the kidney, the 6th death, and its move to sneeze.” Modern, there are many reports, or because of improper acupuncture, or because of drug acupoint injection caused although some cured by conservative treatment, while others are […]

Intestinal perforation

About Acupuncture and intestinal damage accident, although recorded in ancient books much, but modern occurrence is not uncommon. The earliest of modern improper stimulation due to intestinal perforation seen publicly reported in 1959 [1], according to incomplete statistics, from the 1950s as many as 15 cases have been reported so far. Intestinal injury, though there […]

Spleen injury

The spleen is the most vulnerable to damage visceral organs. “Su asked ban on gill” pointed out: “thorn in the spleen, the 10th death, his move to swallow.” Reports of accidental injury spleen acupuncture first appeared in 1957 [1]. Although the spleen in the normal position within the projection area of its surface without Meridian […]

Gallbladder perforation

Acupuncture improperly documented injuries gall organs also first appeared in the “Yellow Emperor”, said: “thorn in the gall bladder, a day to death, and the dynamic of vomit” (“Su asked ban on gill”). Modern domestic first seen in 1959 [1], so far more than 10 cases have been publicly reported. There are statistics about accidental […]

Liver damage

About acupuncture improper damage the liver, early in the “Q • ban on gill” had “stabbed in the liver, the 5th dead, and the dynamic of language,” said. Modern clinical practice, in both the liver and other organs stabbing reported more pure rare incidents of liver injuries. Some acupuncture books, such as Shanghai Traditional Chinese […]

Stomach injury

Stomach tube belonging to the abdominal cavity. In general, the abdominal organs, especially the gastrointestinal incurred as acupuncture to be less chance of injury. This is because the thick abdominal muscle, subcutaneous fat, muscle, etc. The gastrointestinal and other muscular organ itself has a certain ability to contract, when the delicate mm needle into the […]

Heart damage

Visceral injury, acupuncture and heart damage is the most serious consequence of a kind. “Q • After attending to the end of” yes “center who ring die,” said the ring die, refers to one day die. Modern domestic accident injuring about acupuncture heart first appeared in 1954 in the report [1], have so far been […]