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Pregnancy Aphonia

Trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women, the sudden appearance of hoarseness, and even then not a sound, called “sub-Yin. The Yiming pregnancy Aphonia “. [The cause of pathological Sub-Yin disease, and lung, kidney and are closely related. Due to Shaoyin renal vein, curing and on through the throat, the Department of the tongue, lung sound. Kidney […]

Pregnancy edema

【Overview】 Appear simple edema after 20 weeks of pregnancy are called “sub-swollen, also known as” pregnancy swelling. In late pregnancy, just swelling of the feet, no other symptoms appear, this is the phenomenon common in the late pregnancy without treatment, postpartum disappear naturally. Edema, and gradually spread, compared to the calf, thigh, abdominal wall, vulva, […]

pregnancy depression

【Overview】 During pregnancy depression is not music, or irritability symptoms, known as “child care”, also known as “pregnancy upset. Often accompanied by high blood pressure, sometimes accompanied by mild edema. This disease is equivalent to the Western medicine in hypertension of pregnancy induced hypertension. Pregnancy-induced hypertension control, or likely to develop into a harbinger of […]

Pregnancy dizziness

【Overview】 Pregnancy, late leader of dizziness, or with edema, high blood pressure, known as “sub-halo. Is often sub-pain stage of aura. If the child is tired and sub-halo, suggesting a more serious condition, but has not yet developed to the stage of the child pain. [The cause of pathological A yin deficiency liver Wang ferrite […]


【Overview】 Late pregnancy or labor or postpartum, dizziness, headache, suddenly faint I do not know, two heads on TV, tetany, generalized tonic awhile that is, wake up, wake up after recurrence, or even unconscious; called “eclampsia” also known as “pregnancy-induced epilepsy card. The disease is exacerbated by the signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia evolved. Eclampsia […]