Late pregnancy or labor or postpartum, dizziness, headache, suddenly faint I do not know, two heads on TV, tetany, generalized tonic awhile that is, wake up, wake up after recurrence, or even unconscious; called “eclampsia” also known as “pregnancy-induced epilepsy card. The disease is exacerbated by the signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia evolved. Eclampsia can occur in pregnancy, childbirth or within 24 hours of delivery are known as prenatal eclampsia, child pain intrapartum and postpartum eclampsia, obstetric four causes of death. Of PIH epidemiological data indicate that:
Benbingfasheng characteristics: ① the previous 35-year-old primipara; ② twin or three pregnancies; (3) pregnancy labor posture sitting or standing workers; (4) college degree or above; ⑤ The chunky pregnant women, natural re-index> 0.24); ③ mothers with pregnancy-induced hypertension history; ③ Shanghai area with a high incidence in winter, and Chengdu, Guiyang during the summer. The TCM child pain equivalent to the Western severe pregnancy induced hypertension, “the child pain. Has a risk of death for pregnant women and fetuses.

[The cause of pathological
Ferrite Yin, a liver-wind stirring the kidney essence is more loss after pregnancy, liver failure has raised Firelight partial Kang, wind, fire, fanned caused.
2 pyrophlegm on the disturbing sputum original qi stagnation, a long time and the fire, Tanhuo cross-Chi, Mongolia orifices may cause convulsions, coma.

Diagnostic points.
(1) According to the disease before treatment history of pre-eclampsia, or prenatal negligent treatment of preeclampsia, with or without prenatal care, sudden coma, convulsions, blood pressure ≥ 21.3/14.6kPa (160/llommHg), edema, proteinuria check can be diagnosed pre-eclampsia.
(2) to identify chronic nephritis, uremic coma, or essential hypertension, hypertensive crisis. Also epilepsy auxiliary differentiated.

The dialectical type].
1 liver wind during late pregnancy suddenly faint servant I do not know the personnel, the limbs, convulsions, facial flushing, dysphoria heat. Red tongue, thin yellow tongue coating, pulse string slip and number.
Two. Pyrophlegm find the third trimester of pregnancy or childbirth, Curan faint do not know who the limbs, convulsions, rough phlegm. Red, yellow and greasy fur, slippery pulse.

Governing Law: 1. Liver wind stirring and calming liver yang, Xifeng only epilepsy.
Recipe: antelope Uncaria Decoction.
Antelope powder 0.6 g (sub swallow) Uncaria (post below) mulberry leaves 10 g chrysanthemum 9 9 g 30 g Shichangpu nine grams of fresh habitat Kechuan Fritillaria Health dragon teeth 15 grams (Xian Jian) raw stone decision 30 g 12 g ( Xian Jian) large white peony root 12 g on Zhuru 9 grams Another: Zixue day three times, each time a pill; or treasure Dan, 3 times a day, each 3 g coma, nasogastric gavage.
2 pyrophlegm on the disturbing treatment method: Xiehuo Ditan, Xifeng Zhijing.
Recipe: the Banxiabaizhutianma Decoction.
Pinellia 10 grams Atractylodes Keming Gastrodia 9 grams Viticis 9 g raw stone decision of 15 g (Xian Jian) Health and Long tooth 15 g (Xian Jian) Poria 12 grams the skullcap 9 Ke Chuan Tan Zhuru with 5 g 9 g Chen 9 grams of antelope horn powder 1 g of bile Star (sub swallow) addition and subtraction: chest Fanre by 9 grams, plus turmeric Health Gardenia 9 g.
Another: Angong Niuhuang Wan, 3 times a day, each time one grams, coma convulsions those who, to be O’clock nasal feeding the convulsions stop gavage.
Due to of the eclampsia incidence of In suddenly, the changes in fast, the clothes him for the medical may too late to, are therefore required to first with western medicine step-down diuretic, the sedation Zhijing. Commonly used drugs such as magnesium sulfate as the drug of choice, others such as hydrazine phthalide hydrochloride, labetalol, nifedipine, atrial natriuretic peptide and other drugs can also be used. At the same time taking the decoction, unitary drug treatment.

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
If the decoction is too late to fry, emergency room or maternity ward can prepare a number of proprietary Chinese medicines, such as antelope horn powder, Gastrodia piece, Zixue, Angongniuhuang or Danshen injection fluid, and for emergencies.

【Simple square】
Sub-pain onset is sudden, changes quickly, not medication at home, should be immediately sent to hospital, it should not be served a simple square.