Monthly Archives: April 2010


Female, 33 years old, prime body weakness, pay less epigastric nausea, cough has inadvertently made sense cold. Cough medicine, the reach of even more cool, white sputum lazy limbs, Shenpi fatigue. Surface light yellow, face micro-swelling, tongue pale, bitter thin white veins How slippery, but right-off thin. Lack of differentiation for the Spleen, a sense […]

Index finger twitch

Male, 13 years old, was on the 5th of patients suffering from fever, cough, sore throat, after just turn yesterday night, a sudden cold body, then place the right upper limb twitching, pain, conscious when the right index finger of each pumping cold, throbbing along the index finger was a direct band neck, pain, stuffy […]


Male, 62 years old, summer in August of fatigue caused by nasal bleeding, at the local hospital eight days, by the Western medical treatments are not effective, therefore submitted to the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical College hospital for 15 days. Then check the hemoglobin 7 g, immediate blood transfusion, nasal bleeding and apply pressure […]