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Acupuncture hurt?

For people who have not tried acupuncture, the acupuncture definitely hurt, say that the name “puncture”, is also reminiscent of the pain. Then, people tried acupuncture, some say hurt someone says not, ask acupuncturists, may say that acupuncture does not hurts people. In fact, acupuncture can indeed be hurt or not hurt, because everyone on […]

What is the mechanism of Acupuncture?

Why acupuncture can treat diseases? This is a simple yet difficult question to answer. Each patient has a question also may be raised, but there is no standard answer, each answer will be different. Some people say that acupuncture is the role played by nerve stimulation, and some believe, is the role of bio-electricity, so […]

Elixir of life

There are always patient holding advertising a product introduction, or articles, products from the Himalayan mountains, or a deep sea, and treatment of diseases with extended life functions. Listen more, I will give them another story, two thousand years ago, China has called the emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China also. In […]

Little story of moxibustion

I have read the article notes written by the Ming Dynasty, has not remember the author’s name and title, is mentioned moxibustion, an official in the south China of the day, caught a rapist, repeatedly broke into residential homes, even raping over ten women a night. When the official saw the prisoner, very surprised, because […]

Calorie restriction and longevity of mice

Life span research in the field of mice, there is a very classic and well-known theory is calorie restriction can extend the life of mice, (Caloric Restriction), which is reduced by 1/3 of the food, eating regular meals to mice, will significantly improve the health and extend its life. This is an indisputable fact, and […]