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Inevitable abortion, incomplete abortion

Threatened abortion was unable to control the amount of vaginal bleeding gradually to increase, lower abdominal pain continued, even intensified, cervix, pregnancy can not continue to say the inevitable abortion. If the gestational sac or embryonic part of the discharge of the vagina, some left in the uterine cavity, continuous abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, this […]

Ectopic pregnancy

Fecundity outside the uterine part of the cultivation, development known as ectopic pregnancy, also known as ectopic pregnancy, is one of the obstetrics and gynecology emergency. Ectopic pregnancy can occur in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and abdominal cavity and other parts of the most common, about 90% of ectopic pregnancy and tubal pregnancy. Therefore, […]

Pregnancy, abdominal pain

During pregnancy, abdominal pain mainly disease, known as pregnancy abdominal pain. Also known as “cellular resistance”. This disease during pregnancy because of the cellular clock dystrophy or block caused by abdominal pain, can occur in early pregnancy (pregnancy before the 12th week), mid-gestation (pregnancy 13 to 27 weeks) and late pregnancy (28 weeks of pregnancy). […]

Lower limb aches of pregnancy

Late pregnancy, pregnant women, leg or foot twitch, referred to as “pregnancy lower limbs ache. [The cause of pathological Liver blood, liver reinforcement, blood poly curing and after pregnancy, blood deficiency, blood does not raise the ribs, resulting in lower limbs ache. Meanwhile, late pregnancy, the uterus increases, but also affect the lower limb blood […]