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Abnormal postpartum sweating

Maternal puerperium appear excessive sweating or falling more than “postpartum mattress sweat more than. Such as postpartum oozes sweat, was persistent, called postpartum spontaneous; sweating wet clothes if he sleep, wake basis by “postpartum night sweats. Western equivalent of the mattress sweat. Etiology, Pathology The main mechanism of the disease of postpartum qi deficiency, Wei […]

Postpartum insomnia

The main disease syndromes, called “postpartum insomnia postpartum insomnia. Etiology, Pathology This disease excessive postpartum blood loss, or intrapartum ring true, due to emotional depression. 1 the blood deficiency Postpartum excessive bleeding, heart hemorrhagic raising resulting in insomnia. 2. Liver depression produced things ring true, emotional depression, suppressing anger liver damage, heart and liver disorders […]