Monthly Archives: June 2010


60-year-old, female, began two years ago temporal pain, vision gradually diminishes, light colored light around occasionally, blurred vision clear, immediate Web results for floating black spots, by the eye examination, two with increased intraocular pressure, diagnosis for “Glaucoma.” Nearly two weeks of severe headaches, dry eyes, pain, photophobia shame out.Feet weak. Liver and kidney deficiency […]

Shoulder pain

Female, 61 years old, six months after exposure to cold before and after the arm pain, gradually increasing in recent weeks, day and night light weight, shoulder chills, numbness of the left index finger, thumb, left arm on the move and the pain got worse after the extension, limitation of activity. Check: the appearance of […]

Uterine fibroids

Female, 48 years old, in recent years, early menstrual period, period 20-23 days, period acid waist and legs, abdominal fullness negative pitch, the last volume of multi-colored dark red with menstrual blood clot after by dizziness, lassitude, by gynecological examination, a diagnosis of “uterine fibroids. scalloped tongue body fat with thin white coating, pulse small, […]


A 45-year-old herdsman. Twenty years ago were riding in the pasture, because horses were frightened fall to the ground, then confusion about l hour. After a clear sense of dizziness, headache after the occipital levels were stiff out of lips, tongue outside the aphasia, headache, dizziness and other symptoms after treatment, the gradual roll however […]