Uterine fibroids

Female, 48 years old, in recent years, early menstrual period, period 20-23 days, period acid waist and legs, abdominal fullness negative pitch, the last volume of multi-colored dark red with menstrual blood clot after by dizziness, lassitude, by gynecological examination, a diagnosis of “uterine fibroids. scalloped tongue body fat with thin white coating, pulse small, as the spleen and kidney deficiency syndrome of Chong and Ren disorders. Jianpiyishen Tiaochong treatment to any.
Prescription: spleen. Shenshu, Dazhui, Guan Yuan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao fill method used.
After treatment: After the needle on the net each period, and Sanyinjiao Zusanli cross-point selection method used. Around the turn of acupuncture and continuous treatment for four months, the menstrual cycle and normal menstruation Liang Jun, I have reduced disease, gynecological review. Slightly larger than the soft uterus, is normal.
[By] from the kidneys syndrome, Zhengjia are Conception Vessel disease, Shaofu gas on the red heart, can not pitch, is a red pulse of the three co-Rendu disease, this disease for the disease. The excessive bleeding after, Qi and Yin deficiency so dizzy, This is virtual evil is real, with a rousing take Dazhui, Du Tiaochong Sanyinjiao any reason, spleen Yu, Shenshu Zusanli health Kidney stomach gas to righting to resumption of evil is cured.

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