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The basic method of qigong exercises

Both static and dynamic work, or work, the basic requirements in practice, generally the same, has the following several aspects. 1. Interest rate adjustment, tone the body, aligning Practice of law, first of all is to the interest rate adjustment, tone the body, mind transfer efforts. The so-called self-aligning, is the sense of conscious control […]

Qigong History

Qigong, as health care, and its long history. It originated in the Tang Yao period, founded on the Spring and Autumn, later ages to develop. Qin Dynasty two thousand years ago, far away in medical books and other writings, there is the discussion on Qigong. Taoist Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, are mentioned in their writings […]

Introduction and selection of commonly used Qigong

1. Qigong relaxation Enhancing the qigong can be used as the basis for a variety of other Qigong Kung Fu. Healthy practice this qigong, can enhance physical fitness, disease prevention; on the infirm, the more is the ideal means of rehabilitation. Static Qigong Qigong is relaxed, easy to learn and practice, not easy to out […]

Mechanism of Qigong

The reason why there are health longevity qigong role, first, because by practicing qigong, you can clear the body meridians, qi and blood circulation, especially in the vigor of the body strong, so there was no disease can be physical, can cure the sick; secondly, because Qigong exercises using a variety of exercise that can […]

Life After Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients after surgery to prevent metastasis and recurrence of residual tumor? The face of long-term radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the patient how to deal with unbearable? In addition to surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy in addition, can with other treatments to increase the patient’s energy? Now, in line with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, […]

Fire Mechanism of Acupuncture Medicine Pain Syndrome

Acupuncture clinic fire significant effect of 209 cases of Bi Syndrome, Ortega to analysis. Syndrome classification Dominated by Feng Xie, pain walk variable, local swelling and heat, that line of paralysis in 47 cases; to the main pathogenic cold, pain has given place, that is, Tong Bi, wet evil based, mainly in the lower limbs, […]

Nerves and meridians

Nerve conduction is the perception of the organization, the meridians is the dominant regulation of human “blood,” the popular path, nerves and meridians are two different concepts. A qualitative difference between the two, but are interrelated. Neural this organ in the body from the animal by different morphology and function in polarized, the body’s nervous […]