Qigong History

Qigong, as health care, and its long history. It originated in the Tang Yao period, founded on the Spring and Autumn, later ages to develop. Qin Dynasty two thousand years ago, far away in medical books and other writings, there is the discussion on Qigong. Taoist Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, are mentioned in their writings of the ancient qigong, such as “I” in “empty their hearts, their bellies”, “To virtual pole, keep quiet Benedict,” “special gas induced soft, Babies can almost “,” Zhuang Zi “in the” blowing breath, renewal, extension bears by birds “, etc., are all about practice for. The earliest extant description of breathing exercises and complete, and the early years of the Warring States to the number of the text in the stone “jade Qi Ming.” 1973 Changsha Mawangdui Tomb unearthed a number of medical books of bamboo and silk, silk painting silk qigong have described. “Yellow Emperor” in many places and qigong are also relevant, such as “element between the acupuncture theory,” “kidney chronic illness who can yin shi facing south, the net think God is not chaos, endless breath seven timeseagerly die along with it, such as the pharynx is very hard, so seven times, the bait after a huge number of under-chun, “and so on .Qigong word first appeared in the Jin pm Jackson, “recorded a net out of religion” and “Interpretation of Qigong,” but the word is not commonly used in ancient times, but prevalent until modern times; In ancient times, is still known as the guidance, breathing. Convinced and so on. Ge Hong in his “Bao Pu”, the experience of Qigong and methods were documented in detail. Northern and Southern Dynasties, Hongjing featuring the Six Qigong previous experience of editing a “cultivation Enmei record”, accounting for half of the book’s “convinced curing diseases” and “guided massage” in two parts, some of the content with the current work in the application of static and dynamic method is very similar.

Chao Yuan Fang “to treat patients on the” in, in most of the syndromes are contained under the guidance, breathing method, about 260 species, can be said that before the Sui Dynasty as a summary of Qigong therapy. Sun Simiao “camera support pillow China,” a book in which guidance, Qi two sections, specifically on the ancient Qi Gong. Sun special emphasis on “atmosphere was reasonable, that is not riddled with students” the role of breathing exercises. He also introduced the use of specific tactics sixth, and the dynamic power “Tianzhu State Massage Brahman Law” total eighteen potential, “I massage” count forty-nine action.

Song Jin-Yuan era, the rise of Taoist elixir, fusion of the ancient qigong began to parts of them, this is the period of qigong development characteristics. “San Franciscans overall record” is the repair of the Northern Song Dynasty official party governance in the book, voluminous vast. Jin did not swallow the original book, guide, convinced of three parts, is designed on qigong. Into the Ming and Qing dynasties, the ancient Qigong is characterized by the development of more widely to the hands of physicians, the application of Qigong in the monograph of the more than 60. Such as “Paul Health Miyao,” sets out guidance movement disorders nearly ten methods. Written by famous doctor Li Ming, “eight extra test”, the recorded number of practice methods, proposed the “interior falling Road, only according to the police to return the viewer to” the practice experience. Qing Wang cut Om “written by the medical side Annals”, the recorded details of the interest rate adjustment methods of operation and power considerations.

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