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Acupuncture addiction

Acupuncture is a dependency syndrome in patients with acupuncture produces a psychological and physiological needs , this demand has exceeded the mere treatment of the disease , while the performance of acupuncture as a dependency. Such symptoms are mental illness and physical illness interaction of a specific performance. Acupuncture treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring […]

Accidental needle pain

Pain is one of the most common clinical symptoms. Acupuncture , especially acupuncture therapy as an injury , it is difficult to achieve in the course of treatment that is not painful . Broken skin when the needle and feed needle pain pain occurs during an accident can not be called , of course , […]

Accident colic

Acupuncture can also lead to some other nervous system damage, such as stimulation of the abdomen or lower extremities associated with abdominal visceral nerve stimulation of acupuncture points can be caused due to the same visceral dysfunction. Such cases although clinically rare, but it does exist, it should attract attention. Which stimulate acupuncture abdominal pain […]

Vagus nerve damage

Vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve, located behind the internal jugular vein. Mainly parasympathetic fibers, located in the neck, chest, abdomen, internal organs and body surface. Especially distributed in the heart, lungs and other vital organs, acupuncture improperly, can cause severe vagal reaction. Severe cases, even cause cardiac arrest. Can also be due to […]

Peripheral nerve injury

Acupuncture damage peripheral nerves, including cranial nerves and spinal nerve II . Among them, the acupuncture -induced cranial nerve injury to the facial nerve injury more common , some cause oculomotor and trigeminal nerve injury cases. Acupuncture caused by spinal nerve injury involving a wide range , the existing reports, including the sciatic nerve, peroneal […]

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Subarachnoid means between the arachnoid membrane compartment and soft , which is fraught with constantly circulating cerebrospinal fluid , and larger vessels walk, while the soft membrane is also rich in blood vessels. When milli needlestick injuries in the soft film or subarachnoid blood vessels when it is subarachnoid hemorrhage, intracranial vascular accidental injury while […]

Cerebellum and medulla oblongata damage

Cerebellum and medulla oblongata injuries , mostly direct needle puncture caused by brain tissue or blood vessels . Consequences are also quite serious, often due to save her death. “Su asked ban on gill ” says: ” thorn in the brain households , into the brain death legislation .” Which is equivalent to such damage. […]

Cerebral hemorrhage

The brain is protected by the skull , for adults , acupuncture is not easy to directly hurt . Children may be damaged , ancient books written: ” If eight years old , not needles, edge fontanel is not closed , thorn , unfortunately, it is Yao” ( ” Acupuncture funded students • First” ) […]