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Clinical manifestations

Pneumothorax, mostly in the acupuncture needles during or after the syndrome can occur. Also in the needle after half an hour to several hours seizures, even after 24 hours reported in the needle to accrue typical symptoms of pneumothorax, it is noteworthy. According to the SEC like, pneumothorax can be divided into light, medium, heavy […]


Pneumothorax caused by improper acupuncture, acupuncture is the most common accidents, one of the physical damage, it is accounted for the first incidence. In China ancient medical borrow in this many records. Such as those on the symptoms of pneumothorax, “Su asked ban on gill” pointed out: “thorn Quepen in retraction, air vent, it Keni. […]

Tracheal injury

More special anatomical location of the trachea, acupuncture is not easy to damage. Trachea from the cartilage, and connective tissue composed of smooth muscle fibers, even thorn in general, do not cause serious consequences. However, improper operation, but also fire. Especially if both hurt the surrounding blood vessels, nerves, etc., can be greatly suppressed respiratory […]

Acupoint injection

Acupoint injection, generally refers to some traditional Chinese medicines or specific acupoint injection site a therapy, also known as water injection method. It has a dual role of acupuncture and drugs. [Drug] appliance (1) appliance: Common 1,2,5,10,20 ml sterile syringe or disposable syringes. General points multi-Chief of the 5th gear needle eye with the 4th […]

Acupoint application methods

Sticking law refers acupoints acupuncture points on the applicator on some drugs, medicines and acupoints through the joint action of a way to treat the disease. Some of these irritating drugs (such as hair mo, cantharidin, Mustard Seed, etc.), or smashed into powder, Sticking points, can cause localized purulent foam such as “moxibustion sore”, also […]