Acupoint application methods

Sticking law refers acupoints acupuncture points on the applicator on some drugs, medicines and acupoints through the joint action of a way to treat the disease. Some of these irritating drugs (such as hair mo, cantharidin, Mustard Seed, etc.), or smashed into powder, Sticking points, can cause localized purulent foam such as “moxibustion sore”, also known as “day moxibustion” , has been in “cold moxibustion” made a presentation. If drugs Sticking Shenque absorbed through the umbilicus or navel stimulation to treat the disease, also known as the Umbilicus therapy or navel.
[Drug] appliance
(1) Drugs: including dressing and a solvent (or excipients). Multi-dressing to go with a pass through channeling, resuscitation active role borneol, musk, cloves, pepper, ginger, onion, cinnamon, Asarum, Angelica, saponins, etc. and smell all thick, Li Meng toxic raw Southern Star, raw Pinellia , Aconitum, Aconitum, Croton, monkshood, Euphorbia and so on. Common solvent (or vehicle) water, white wine or rice wine, vinegar, ginger, honey, egg white, Vaseline. In addition, the disease can also be applied for drug infusion as a solvent.
(2) forms: pills are commonly used: the drug research into the go, such as water or honey or concoction mixing evenly, made of round pills of different sizes, storage backup. Powder: the drug research into the go, fill up the umbilical treatment. Paste: the drug research into the go, as appropriate, the use of water, vinegar, wine, egg or ginger, etc., into a paste, spread dressing acupoints, cover gauze and tape securely. Ointment: the selected drugs made outside plaster or ointment. Pie agent: the drug research into fine, add the right amount of water to mix evenly, drug cake made of varying sizes, applicator local lesion or acupoints, topical gauze and tape securely. Or fresh plant roots, stems and leaves mashed, made drug cake, reheat after applicator points.

(1) selection of points: Sticking acupoints selected points strive concise. More commonly used: local lesion of the points, Ashi points or experience points. Among them, Shenque and Yongquan acupoint applicator is used.
(2) Dressing Method: Depending on the selected points, take the appropriate position, so that the drug can applicator secure. Sticking medicines, Dingzhun points, partial wash with warm water or wipe with alcohol cotton ball and then treated. For the deposition of the drug, either pastes, ointments or pounded fresh goods, should be well secured to prevent movement or loss, can be directly fixed with adhesive tape, gauze or greaseproof paper can also be the first cover on it, then tape securely.
There are specially designed for dressing applicator acupuncture points, using a fixed are very convenient. For dressing, use a dry sterile cotton ball dipped in warm water or various vegetable oils, paraffin oil or stick to the skin gently wiped drugs, dry and then treated. Under normal circumstances, a small irritant drugs, every worker to 3 days dressing 1; reconcile medications without solvent, but also be extended to 5 to 7 days dressing 1; irritation of the drug, should be considered patient’s response and determine the extent of foam applicator time, ranging from minutes to hours, for further applicator should be returned to normal after local skin dressing.

[Adaptation disease]
Acupoints applicator for a variety of diseases. Including inside and outside, women, children, and facial features subjects. Mainly used in current clinical colds, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, coronary heart disease, diarrhea, facial paralysis, insomnia, hypertension, cervical spondylosis, menstrual disorders, uterine prolapse, infant diarrhea, enuresis, juvenile myopia, allergies rhinitis, toothache treatment.

Where the use of a solvent transfer deposited drug demand with the deployment with the applicator, to prevent evaporation. Sticking acupoints in the application of law, they should pay attention to select the active site of a smaller degree. On strong irritant drugs, retention time not too long, such as local blisters, can wipe paint gentian violet syrup. Sticking process, such as in skin allergies, you should find out the reasons, such as drug-induced, will be diverted to other drugs; case of tape due to be replaced by gauze bandage. For pregnant women, young children, the applicator should avoid strong irritant, toxic drugs.