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No scarring moxibustion No scarring moxibustion, also known as non-suppurative moxibustion. Ancient literature research, the ancient physicians advocate the use of multi-scarring moxibustion, the rise of non-scarring moxibustion When is the modern thing. This is due to the formation of the ancient physicians believed moxibustion sore or not directly affect the outcome. Such as “acupuncture-funded […]

Pressure moxibustion

Pressure moxibustion, or moxa moxa cone is made material in the course of direct moxibustion by repeated pressure off of one kind of way to achieve the purpose of moxibustion treatment. Among them, the pressure moxa moxibustion, such as Tai Magic, and we will make special section. This section alleged pressure moxibustion, strictly speaking, can […]

moxibustion flu case-example

To make the reader a sense of conduction with a perceptual moxibustion, now give a few examples Cases below. Cases a Chen × ×, male, 56 years old, farmer, at April 13, 1995 visit. Patients gastroptosis nearly two years. Had taken Buzhongyiqi (pill) soup, Huangqijianzhong soup and vitamins and other drugs, clinical symptoms eased, but […]