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Menstrual period, urinary tract infections

【Overview】 Whenever, after the line or just net urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria embolism, known as the “sense of, urine. More common in women of childbearing age, is sometimes seen in the menopause menstruation is not absolute. This disease should be a thorough treatment, if repeated incidence of development of pyelonephritis, treatment has some difficulties. The […]

Period of facial acne

Every facial acne after before or by the line through the net after the gradual retreat, known as “The line of facial acne.Occurred in adolescent women, women of childbearing age may also have occurred. Of the disease and endocrine disorders, common in the high androgen. Containing the androgen class products such as clothing, drugs or […]

Menstrual period insomnia

【Overview】 Insomnia, anxiety whenever by or through the line-based card through normal sleepers, known as the “line of insomnia. Seen in women of childbearing age. The disease if not treated properly, severe insomnia gradually, even through the night can be developed for mental disorders. Evidence before and after the case of Chinese medicine by the […]

Menstrual period stress

【Overview】 During the period before or by the line appears mind exception, or incoherent, full flight or depression is not the language, after return to normal. The disease can be found in women of childbearing age, Chinese medicine treatment has some difficulties, sometimes required with western medicine treatment at the same time. Category of evidence […]