Menstrual period, urinary tract infections

Whenever, after the line or just net urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria embolism, known as the “sense of, urine. More common in women of childbearing age, is sometimes seen in the menopause menstruation is not absolute. This disease should be a thorough treatment, if repeated incidence of development of pyelonephritis, treatment has some difficulties. The disease is through the line before and after all evidence.

[The cause of pathological
Neighboring organs, the urethra and the vaginal orifice cohabitation under the coke if menstrual pay no attention to health, bacteria ascending infection through the urethra to the formation of urinary tract infections. Because of the organs of the blood in the menstrual bet Chong and Ren organs in a temporary ischemic state, less resistance to disease, bacteria the evils easy invasion and disease. Kidney and bladder, table, line the kidney to the bladder gasification function, and susceptibility to urinary sense. Are hot and humid place and wang.
Hot and humid place bets through the line, after blood loss by the hot and humid evils invade the Note under the coke, bladder gasification adverse result.
2 wang kidney and bladder relative to table, ferritic yin, yin through more losses to be filled with false fire, Heat Transfer bladder caused.

Diagnostic points.
(1) according to every menstrual period, urinary tract infection symptoms. Urine routine examination, white blood cell more than a “10” preliminary diagnosis. Patients often have chronic urinary sense of history.
(2) patients with fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, discharge, genital stimulation, may also cause urinary flu-like symptoms, should be to identify.

The dialectical type].
A damp upon after the line urinary frequency, urgency, the shower Lek astringent pain, dark urine, yellow red, backache or pain, with multi-color yellow foul smell, or white color seems kind of bean dregs. Yellow and greasy fur, slippery pulse and several.
2 Yin Huo by painful urination, dark urine, yellow red with multi-color yellow, dry mouth, upset, lower back pain. Moss is thin, red and dry, rapid pulse.

l hot and humid place bets Governing Law: clearing away heat and Tonglin.
Recipe: Eight Decoction.
Habitat 12 Kedan Pi 10 grams of red peony root 9 g the Health shanzhiside 10 g sharp build 12 grams of honeysuckle 9 g stone lying 10 g 12 g wood Qumai through 6 g of raw licorice minus 5 gram: toxic heat Sheng, dandelion 15 g, Patrinia 15 g;
With multi-color yellow, and Chun root bark 12 g, 9 g Cork 10 grams Anemarrhena;
With trichomonas infection, plus Cnidium 12 grams, 9 grams of gentian; with fungal infection of the soil Poria 15 grams, 9 grams flavescens to Qumai; with hematuria, plus 15 g thistle grass, madder grams.
2 wang Governing Law: nourishing yin Tonglin.
Recipe: ZDP addition and subtraction.
Anemarrhena 10 grams Treats 10 g habitat, 10 g dogwood 9 grams of honeysuckle 12 Keze diarrhea 12 Kedan Pi 9 g Poria 9 g 3 g of the raw licorice sharp build 12 gram Less: red urine, mouth sores, Dan Zhu leaf 9 g of amber at the end of 3 g (swallow).

[Proprietary Chinese medicine]
(1) Bai Di Huang nine daily 2 times each 4.5 g swallow.
For Yin Huo-wang.
Two. Longdanxiegan 2 times a day, 4.5 g each swallow.
Used to damp those.

[Simple square
Cnidium 30 grams, 15 grams flavescens Jianshui, the net after the bath.

Soil Poria 30 grams, 15 grams of castor seed millet, Jianshui through the net after the bath. For fungal vaginitis.

3 honeysuckle 10 grams, 12 grams of Dendrobium, June 1 scattered 10 g (including fry), decoction, 2 times service.

[Other therapies]

l Keep the cleanliness of the vulva and vagina, to avoid the menstrual period for a gynecological examination or line intercourse.
Timely treatment of trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, to prevent urinary tract ascending infection. And a thorough treatment of urinary tract infection.
3 menstrual check urine conventional easy to blood mixed into the urine, general the menstrual check urine routine should use toilet paper to block the vaginal opening to prevent blood flow, then the first row to go to urinate, and then stay in the urine, this is somewhat correct.