Monthly Archives: February 2010

Neck Pain

Female, onset after two months, paroxysmal pain in the left neck, each time when pain onset, crying incessantly, head turn to left, long times unhealed. Check: poor nutrition. Left hand held out his chin. Impedance neck to tilt to the left, sternocleidomastoid spasm-like, tongue pale and thin white fur, thin pulse string. All parameters shown […]

Limb pain

Male, 47 years old, left leg pain for 16 hours. Has been suffering from back pain, whenever angry, tired after the increase, with pain mainly the left lower extremity pain cited recently because the incident did not blossoms, pain and illness has made the left body, feet lateral pain. Associated with movement difficulties, and see […]


Women, 62 years old, childhood sick, mostly in sleep without conscious enuresis. Sometimes 2 times a night. Usually feel dizzy backache weakness, developed normally, nutrition in general, heart, lung, liver, spleen no exception. Shen pulse thin, pale tongue, white fur. Mainly for lack of kidney qi, kidney management excretion, functional disorders, it is more than […]


Male, 39 years old, ten years I have been dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations shortness of breath, weak legs, backache, insomnia and more dreams, gradually to premature ejaculation. In recent years suffering from impotence, repeated treatment does not work very troubled. Looking unlucky black, looked tired, eyes atheism, language, fine, heart, lung, liver, spleen and no abnormal […]


Male, 46 years old, patients with insomnia for three years, at times, been able to sleep, but the Night’s Dream and more upset, dry mouth, spontaneous perspiration, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations, poor memory, each in the work of tight, hard to sleep through the night . The oral sedation, an ineffective medication, pulse breakdown, tongue red, […]


52-year-old, ringing in the ears the course of time, tiredness after the heavier sound, such as cicada, dizziness, insomnia, upset by ear examination, no abnormality was found. Has served Longdanxiegan Pills and other drugs is invalid. Patient external ear, pharynx, tonsils were normal, blood pressure 120/90mmHg, pulse breakdown, tongue red and yellowish moss. Differentiation of […]

Arthralgia syndrome (sciatica)

Male, 53 years old, patients with low back pain for over two years, whenever he had an overcast and rainy days increase, accompanied by left lower extremity limb pain, unable to walk, restless, coughing when the pain increased. Check cooperation, next to the fifth lumbar tenderness, tenderness to the lower limb mass line, leg lift […]

Stroke (stroke sequelae)

Male, hypertension, history of more than ten years, a day after working a sudden delirium being rushed to hospital, hospitalization months, the consciousness recovery, left hemiplegia, mouth oblique eyes, drooling, speech leakage. A few months after beginning acupuncture treatment. At that time sane, body fat, shortness of breath, right upper and lower limbs muscle tone […]