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Acute jaundice hepatitis

    Acute jaundice hepatitis is a type of acute viral hepatitis , is an acute gastrointestinal diseases caused by the hepatitis virus . The clinical manifestations of acute onset, loss of appetite, tired of the oil , fatigue, abdominal discomfort, liver pain , nausea , vomiting, some patients chills, fever, dark urine then , sclera , […]

The common cold

The common cold is a virus -induced respiratory infections. The clinical manifestations of more acute onset , local symptoms are sneezing , nasal congestion , runny nose, dry itchy throat ache , hoarseness or cough, mild systemic symptoms , adults may have a fever or fever . Acupuncture treatment of common colds modern literature first […]

Ancient forbidden taboo acupuncture needle moxibustion points ban

Acupoints, known as points, pockets or acupuncture points , are organs , blood transfusion specific parts of the surface where the meridian is acupuncture . According to national standards of the PRC National Bureau of Technical Supervision June 7, 1990 release of ” Meridian area ” provides a total of fourteen by the Meridian 361 […]

Needle acupuncture and moxibustion law taboo taboo

Needle method is the most commonly used acupuncture , acupuncture to prevent accidents , you must pay attention to the following aspects : First, selecting the right needle ( A ) , given specifications : the thickness of the needle length . Needle specifications, its length is divided into : 13mm (0.5 inches ), 25mm […]

Meridian adverse reactions

Meridian adverse reactions described in this section , means by acupuncture stimulation ( including acupuncture stimulation ) excitation , the propagated sensation along meridian or after the disease emerged to air some of the damage reaction. Meridian has called a sense of inferiority pass effect . Modern first reported in 1959. Since the 1970s , […]

Allergic reactions

It is well known that acupuncture can effectively treat allergic diseases. However , since the 1970s , have been reported , the use of injection, moxibustion, acupuncture and other methods of bee , the body can induce varying degrees of allergic reactions occur . Although the prognosis is usually good , but sometimes there may […]

Laser acupuncture reaction

Laser radiation is emitted by a laser light due . Laser acupuncture , also known as laser acupuncture needle or light , is acupuncture stimulation methods in the 1970s , German scholars in the traditional acupuncture based on the combination of laser technology created a new treatment of the disease . Ever think that this […]

Fainting reaction

Fainting is the most common type of adverse reaction acupuncture . ” Fainting ” word Hayami ” Lily Fu “: ” his or fainting , God also …… qi .” However, the symptoms appear after fainting causes and fainting , describing handling, the first seen in seventeen hundred years ago, ” Acupuncture and B by […]