Monthly Archives: July 2010

Uterine fibroids

Female, 48 years old, in recent years, early menstrual period, period 20-23 days, period acid waist and legs, abdominal fullness negative pitch, the last volume of multi-colored dark red with menstrual blood clot after by dizziness, lassitude, by gynecological examination, a diagnosis of “uterine fibroids. scalloped tongue body fat with thin white coating, pulse small, […]


A 45-year-old herdsman. Twenty years ago were riding in the pasture, because horses were frightened fall to the ground, then confusion about l hour. After a clear sense of dizziness, headache after the occipital levels were stiff out of lips, tongue outside the aphasia, headache, dizziness and other symptoms after treatment, the gradual roll however […]

Qi Energy

“Qi “, its meaning is too broad, from the ancient philosophical doctrine of Qi is now usually referred to the air, angry, and fatigue, and can be described as ubiquitous in Chinese word. Here I would like to discuss is bio-Qi energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as source of the life, Qigong and […]

Vertigo (hypertension)

Vertigo (hypertension) Female, 47 years old, nearly two weeks ago, when this headache, dizziness, ringing in the ears both (left). Sometimes panic, that is difficult to sleep, dream of good fear. More urine, stool between 1 second, or through March. The plant is the primary hospital diagnosis of hypertension, surrender, spiritual and other pressure, the […]

Chronic diarrhea

Male, 49 years old, prime suffering from tuberculosis, through improved governance. Diarrhea in two years ago. When committed when issued, in February to nearly every afternoon, conscious of bowel. Abdominal pain, moved for diarrhea, faecal material without red blood and pus, urine clear, after a hospital diagnosis of “intestinal tuberculosis,” is to vote anti-TB drug […]

Knee pain

Women, because of the rain, knee pain the next day, heavy with weakness, pay less, diarrhea, oral administration of Xiao Huolou Dan slightly effective, but still heavy legs, knee, numbness, pain. Disease met yellowish, thin white fur, weak pulse Chen Huan, knee swelling, tenderness obvious limitation of activity. The paralysis is physically weak spleen weak, […]

Hemifacial spasm

54 years old female, left facial muscles in patients with persistent seizures, the left eye, mouth staggering, his left eye as things difficult, ambiguous words have multiple treatment, no noticeable effect. Evidence is reinforced by the disease, “Jinji”, is reinforced from the rule of Prescription:, Tong Zi liao, Shuigu, Shizhukong After treatment; surface is full […]


Female, 35 years old. To the left of rage ten years ago that migraine pain, the time when only every exertion or emotional stress at the time attack, attack frequency and drama, day light weight night to head with the left temporal else. Accompanied by dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Thin yellow fur, red tongue, pulse […]