Knee pain

Women, because of the rain, knee pain the next day, heavy with weakness, pay less, diarrhea, oral administration of Xiao Huolou Dan slightly effective, but still heavy legs, knee, numbness, pain. Disease met yellowish, thin white fur, weak pulse Chen Huan, knee swelling, tenderness obvious limitation of activity. The paralysis is physically weak spleen weak, complex sense of cold regions, injuries caused by yang. Expelling Dampness and Spleen yang pain. ,
Prescription, Yang Guan (knee), Yangfu. Yanglingquan. Yin Ling Quan, Warm needle, the Yang Guan (waist). Pi shu.
After treatment: After treatment 7 times, reduce pain, diarrhea improved. Then heated needle Vital 7, Perimenopausal Syndrome disappeared.
In this case the numbness, weakness as ferrite, but also by the wet rain, then the benefits of virtual its spleen, so both suffering from knee pain and diarrhea. Conditions Spleen Governing limbs, this wet-Sheng together and dispersed, with the joints, so they chose Yang Guan (waist).yangfu. Yin Ling Quan, Yanglingquan to warm through, in turn, disperse the evil cold small-minded to the pain, then warm acupuncture spleen. Vital, Yang Guan (waist), Zu San Li help Yang to spleen. , water wet cloth can be based, is a heavy feeling from the knee swelling addition.

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