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Headache Overview Headache is a common clinical symptoms, can appear alone, but also can occur in a variety of acute and chronic disease process, such as hypertension, cerebrovascular accidents, brain tumors, vascular nervous headache. This is a miscellaneous diseases within the meaning of the scope of a headache to headache as the main symptoms. Etiology […]

The basic characteristics of Chinese medicine

Medicine that the body is a core meridians organic whole, between the various organs and tissues are interrelated, interact and promote each other; the human body and nature are closely related, is the overall unity of opposites. First, the overall concept of simple (1) The human body is an organic whole the parts of the […]

Five Forehead Clinical Treatment of Insomnia

Since 2001, in collaboration with the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medical Centre insomnia insomnia contact with a large number of patients. In order to improve the clinical efficacy of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of insomnia, I try to use Lin’s scalp acupuncture treatment of insomnia, and achieved good effect, on this basis, further with the traditional […]

CHSGS treatment of chronic superficial gastritis

Chronic superficial gastritis and chronic gastritis is the most common type, country medicine is no such disease name, but in the ancient literature, there is a similar description of the disease, such as “epigastric pain,” “bloating,” “noisy,” ” fullness, “” vomiting “, etc., are also a variety of treatment methods. The author of the CD […]

Male menopause Three Cases

Age of onset of male menopause than women for 10 years or so, but not as clinical as there is an obvious female characteristics.I n recent years, the incidence of male menopause increased.There is a common clinical general, liver-kidney, spleen and kidney yang, kidney do not pay type, heart and spleen deficiency type, liver-type kidney, […]