Monthly Archives: March 2010

Facial palsy (facial paralysis)

Female, 55 years old, feelings on the 8 days before the weeks hot pain in the head and ears, wash face after getting up next morning and found the left side of face numb and tense, eyelid can be closed, tears, language disadvantage, talking air leakage, brush teeth leakage of food consumption-inch gap remaining in […]


Female, 19 years old, when children patients suffering from bed-wetting, due to deep sleep, every night to wake up several times, otherwise they wet the bed. To this end the night not drinking water, stuttering dry food, has not improved symptoms. Physically weaker, cun pulse is weak, two chi-pulses deeper. Thin white fur, quality Run […]

Migraine Headaches

Male, the body weak, the recent repeated colds and cough, and caused the right side of migraine headaches, extends within the head and right corner of the eye pain. Multiple medications, cough better, headache more. Hospital neurology examination, the brain no abnormalities, diagnosed as nervous headache. Sick long time to now, more giant headache. Flare […]