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Cupping is the use of heat or other means, excluding cans in the air, resulting in negative pressure, so that a tank sucking on the skin, causing blood stasis phenomena a cure. Cupping is also called suction tube method, called the angle of the ancient law in the country have begun to use the Jin […]

Wrist and ankle needle therapy

The wrist or ankle acupuncture to specific parts of a method of treatment of systemic disease. It is the theory of meridian doctrine inspired by bark gradually formed and developed. In the early 1970s, the official promotion for clinical application. Since it acupoints single, simple, minimal damage to the body, with a sense of security […]

Eye needle

Eye needle began to be used in the 1970s, is home Peng Jing San acupuncture according to the ancient on the “see eye observation” disease records, tens of thousands of patients through repeated observation and treatment practices, was able to form a micro-needle therapy . Eye needle, point area less, they are both around the […]

Pricking France

Pricking method, also called phlebotomy. As a result of the commonly used needle lancets, so some books also called Needle France. [Drug] appliance Currently used in the clinic for the Needle and coarse needles. Needle divided into large, medium and small three models, coarse needles with the 26th half inch needle is appropriate. [Operation] Mainly […]

Temperature needle –

Temperature needle is in the needle after needle acupuncture moxa tail twist wrap, lighted heated to a method of treating disease. Also known as moxibustion needle handle. In China Han medical books “Treatise on” the already mentioned this approach. Can be seen as a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion. [Drug] appliance [Operation] Press the disease […]