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Fungal vaginitis

Vaginal inflammation caused by Candida albicans infections, the main characteristics of the vulva and vaginal itching, vaginal discharge microscopy can be found in the Candida albicans. Occurred in the gregarious and sitting toilet units or public toilets. The disease is equivalent TCM “Yin Yang”. Etiology, Pathology Heat bet usually neglect daily hygiene, hot and humid […]

Senile vaginitis

Postmenopausal or ovariectomized women, due to lower levels of estrogen, the vaginal resistance diminished due to inflammation of the vagina. The disease occurs in menopausal or post-menopausal women, a few occur in ovarian resection. Drug therapy is effective. Menopause tumors occur during the reproductive tract tumors may want to consider, if the foul smell vaginal […]

Postpartum fresh injury

Postpartum due to improper diet, may cause poor appetite, abdominal distention, and even then ai rot pantothenic acid, nausea, vomiting and other evidence, referred to as “postpartum fresh injury. Etiology, Pathology The postpartum stomach function is not complex, such as diet disloyal, emotional depression, or known as stomach chronic disease, postpartum temper more virtual, the […]

Postpartum fever

Puerperium, fever syndrome, a persistent fever, or sudden high fever chills, and accompanied by other symptoms, referred to as “postpartum fever. Etiology, Pathology The etiology and pathology of the disease, intrapartum infection cult poison, or physically weak feelings of evils, or bleeding resistance, or fresh wounds, or steamed milk, or blood deficiency resulting in pathogen […]

Postpartum diarrhea

Postpartum increase in stool frequency, stool thin Tong, diarrhea or even under water – like “postpartum diarrhea. Etiology, Pathology Puerperium maternal organs of the virtual card shipped is not complex, such as diet disloyal or feel the cold dampness, damp heat evil, can make the stomach trapped the the Mizutani Xiazou intestinal Erzhi. Also be […]

Postpartum body pain

Puerperium sorrow and grief of the limb and joint pain, numbness, heavy with a sense of who called postpartum body pain. Benbingfasheng postpartum, is the context of post-natal illness. Maternal blood loss due to childbirth, Haoshang energy corniculatus empty, susceptible to body pain, blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, blood stasis and feel the evils, the main […]