Monthly Archives: August 2010

Chest Pain (angina pectoris)

Female, 36 years old, precordial pain and a half lunch break, accompanied by chest, moving the heart palpitations, shortness of breath, loose stools, pale tongue. Thin white fur. Pulse.Diagnosed with angina crown Prescription: Jue Yin Yu (with medial Jiaji), Neiguan, Qihai, Zusanli. After treatment; treatment as above. Needle 20 times, the symptoms disappeared, needle 30 […]

Chest Pain (CHD)

Male. 49 years old, chest pain for three years. 2-3 times per day, the inside of the left axilla and upper limb Bleeding, both chest compression, each time for two minutes, and more after a meal in the agitation and seizures, can ease the rest. Accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations embolism, red […]

Dysmenorrhea (PMS)

Female, 22 years old, transferred from the gynecological, dysmenorrhea, who supports and encourages young patients from the forward, bent over bawl by abdominal pain, pale white, sweating and cold limbs, thin pulse. History taking, from the complex last year, period 28 days, quantity, through to abdominal pain, multi-colored purple with blood clots, after the color […]

Diarrhea (chronic non-specific colitis)

Male, 35 years old, the sick from a few years ago, in spring, stool 2,3 times a day, even the 5.6 times, spring and autumn levels were standing on the edge then it certainly blood in the stool abdominal pain, dark purple color, and with small amount of mucus. Had suspected amoebic dysentery and schistosomiasis. […]

Rib tumor (bile duct ascariasis)

Male, 34 years old, a sudden right upper quadrant colic last night, has not improved by the injection of atropine. Zheng Jian Shenpi fatigue, yellow face. Right upper quadrant tenderness, tongue slightly red, yellow thick white coating, pulse string, abdominal tenderness gall bladder area. Do’s sign positive. Gaohuangshu caves back on the right tenderness, the […]

Stroke (cerebral vasospasm)

Female, 68 years old, last ten days often headache, dizziness, limb weakness on the right. Suddenly this is not in the right upper and lower limbs. Patients with burnout. Looking a little pale, thick white fur pulse string. Check; God clear clear language fluency, heart and lung liver and spleen were normal. Blood pressure 170/100 […]

Convulsions (concussion sequelae)

Male, 14 years old, head and neck injuries on the right day coma after two hours awake. After repeated seizures, language less fluently, headache, generalized convulsions from time to time. When seizures can not speak, walk is difficult. Inspection: clear mind, in general, good, 1 minutes convulsions, limb activities accessible, knee tendon reflex normal.Caused harm […]


Male, 10 years old, suffering from encephalitis patients in the last summer, then had a fever.Coma. By the local hospital and regained consciousness after the function, but left aphasia, intelligence requirements through multi-rule at the end improving. Clinic see patients aphasia.Irritability, poor intelligence. Red tongue, thin white fur, pulse slightly a few. Examinations; no exception. […]


Male, 30 years old, patients with no obvious incentive to burst seven years ago, the right side of headache, Qianche the side of the head and forehead, since the service painkillers to ease.Each subsequent value that is at the right side of headache, services Cinnarizine, no such injection Tianma Injection alleviate the symptoms. Headache every […]

Hiccup (diaphragm spasm)

Male, 61 years old, seven years ago in patients with hypertension in the hospital, until after a hiccup more than fresh eggs, out loud. After taking stability. Shididengjun valid for 14 days, on their own to stop. After 4-5 days of intermittent episodes 1, each lasted about a 3 day multi-seek treatment no noticeable effect. […]