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Life After Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients after surgery to prevent metastasis and recurrence of residual tumor? The face of long-term radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the patient how to deal with unbearable? In addition to surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy in addition, can with other treatments to increase the patient’s energy? Now, in line with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, […]

A brief history of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping

Cupping therapy in China has 2000 years of history and create a unique special treatment methods. Qin Dynasty Cupping therapy, also called the angle of the ancient classics in the law. This is because our ancient physicians, is to apply as a smoking corner of animals pulling tool. Changsha, Hunan Province in 1973 unearthed the […]

Diarrhea (chronic non-specific colitis)

Male, 35 years old, the sick from a few years ago, in spring, stool 2,3 times a day, even the 5.6 times, spring and autumn levels were standing on the edge then it certainly blood in the stool abdominal pain, dark purple color, and with small amount of mucus. Had suspected amoebic dysentery and schistosomiasis. […]