A brief history of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping

Cupping therapy in China has 2000 years of history and create a unique special treatment methods.
Qin Dynasty

Cupping therapy, also called the angle of the ancient classics in the law. This is because our ancient physicians, is to apply as a smoking corner of animals pulling tool. Changsha, Hunan Province in 1973 unearthed the silk, “Fifty-two patients side”, he has the disease on account of the rule of law angle: “Mu hemorrhoid home side orifices, as powerful as the date, small in size as those of nuclear , the small angle side angle, such as what (cooked) 2 meters are fighting, and Zhang Jiao. ” The “small horn angle”, referring to horns with small suction pull. According to Medical History Document expert research, “Fifty-two patients side” is the oldest extant medical book in China about a book in the Spring and Autumn Period, which shows that our physician at least six ~ the second century BC, has been treated by cupping the Methods.

Jin and Tang period

Ge Hong Eastern people in its written by the “elbow Emergencies” in. Treatment with the angle off that swollen; angle used horns. In view of this method was the prevalence of improper application could easily lead to accidents. Therefore, particular caution should be carefully Ge Hong choose to adapt to symptoms, the book stressed: “ulcer, tumor, stone carbuncle, junction bars, M. scrofulaceum, neither may pin angle. Needle angle those few who are not as bad” (“elbow • Emergencies volume “). This is clearly justified, even with today’s eye view, the majority of listed diseases, and did not cupping indication.

To the Sui and Tang dynasties, and cupping tools breakthrough improvements began after the bamboo can cut processing system to replace the horns. Bamboo can drawn wide range of cheap, greatly contribute to the treatment variable and and promotion; while bamboo can light texture, absorption and strong pull, but also to some extent, improve the effectiveness of therapy. Medical books in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the contents of this record is more Wang Tao’s “Waitai Miyao.” Such as “Waitai Miyao • Volume 40” in there on smoking pot with bamboo pull a detailed description of: “Then, according to Angle to Italy bamboo artificial small angle, leaving a long three or four inches, hole by four fifth. if that, the desirability for the artistic bambooware. it was cold ride chelating Department, refers to horn angle, not that most of the gas leak, so angle tire of big, big difference between the new moon urgent. speed for five, four, pan in cooked boiled, take the corner office sting, cold-and-replace. “that should, according to a different location, access to different sizes of bamboo tank. At that time, the suction pull method used, that is, the cooking is still in use today can law, or cook pulling cylinder method.Is worth noting that, “Waitai Miyao,” many of this method to be specific in description mentioned in the 13th volume, the site of the first cupping, “to blot on the record of. Take three fingers Daqing bamboo, long Cunban, a left section, no section of the first cut so thin like the sword. making this the number of boiling tube and heat the tube, the cage by the ink points. “Suction drawing tools and methods and improved suction pull on the later had a significant impact.

Song, Jin and Yuan Dynasties

If, in the Tang era, or horns and bamboo pot used interchangeably, then, to the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the bamboo can have completely replaced the horns. Cupping the name from “suction tube method” has replaced “Angle.” In operation, the further from a simple drawing with boiling cooking method development cartridge tube method. Bamboo pot that is first prepared in accordance with certain prescription drugs cooked spare, if necessary, and then placed in boiling water, cook-this tank, by pulling in the points on hot to play outside smoking and drug pulled the dual role of governance . Samoa Qian Yuan Zhai written by physicians for “Rui Zhutang experience side” had to account explicitly: “suction tube, to whom affinis slashing blue. Gall (multiple use), alum (less some a), b cooked flavor and tube put away. with time, and then boiled to make hot in Feitang to bar Kei (clamp) tube, by heat at ease to the affected area. ”

Ming Dynasty

Cupping Traditional surgery has become one of important external treatment. At that time almost all the works of some of the major surgery of this method are listed. Used suction pull sepsis, treatment carbuncle swollen. Pull in the absorption method, compared to the previous generation, there are improvements. Is used more directly in the bamboo pot, after suffering multiple herbs in the sap, boiling direct suction pull. Therefore, the bamboo can then be called cartridges. Chen Ming Surgery everyone on achievements, this actually made a detailed record of: cooking pull tube side: “Notopterygium, independent living, basil, leaves, fresh iris, licorice root, Angelica all five money, even to green onions 22. Pre-inch with a diameter Second, one-third of the new section of fresh bamboo, seven inches long, a left section, blue swimmer to go outside, stay inside the white half of the thickness of a point about expectations, by section drilled a hole plugged with wooden gate. to pre- medicine into the tube, tube mouth stoppered with onions. the cylinder was placed horizontally to objects pressure pot, do not have to float. Ten bowl with water, cook a few barrel rolls, some drug concentration within the mature candidate for the degree of use. then Phi needle in the sore on top of

Cupping therapy in China has 2000 years of history and create a unique special treatment methods.
Liberalization of goods within an inch of words with three holes, shallow depth inch circle about tube will cartridges containing paste with a large magnetic storage were Taqian bowl, pour the medicine tube, tube urgently by heat on the sore mouth closed, to hand press down tight the cylinder, naturally suck. About to be films, cartridges have been warm, unplug the plug hole wood, the tube from the off. “(” Authentic • ulcer surgery door “). This cooking method of drawing cartridge, some of the important surgery in the Ming and Qing works such as” surgical Shing “, etc. and the” Golden Mirror of Medicine “, have varying levels of detail contained above, show that this method is very popular at that time.

In addition to making pulling cylinder method or the application of some of the more simple cupping method, such as the Ming • Shen Dou Yuan’s “surgical Kai Yuen,” contained a bamboo pull pus law: “sore pus has collapse has been broken, because pus Cypriot resistance of the barrier … … so when the suction method with the bamboo, suck their pussy, is a vent their poisonous. ”

Qing Dynasty

To the Qing Dynasty, cupping obtained for further development. The first is yet another innovation in cupping instrument. Although bamboo pot cheap, but poor suction, and long home dry, easy to produce dry crack leak. To remedy this lack, the Qing Dynasty there fired into the pottery clay, and formally presented in use ever since the “cupping” is used. In response, the Qing Zhao Xuemin • The “Compendium of Materia Medica theft by finding” a fairly detailed description of the book: “Cupping: River all have the right and central Fujian, Department of households burning kiln for sale, such as the National People’s Congress that small, micro-abdominal large two narrow mouth to promote to by the anger, all suffering from a cold medicine Qiemo, are using this pot. “pots that have been traded as a commodity, widely popular.

Followed by cupping method, there is great progress, “to see the flame burning of paper, put into cans, can be combined in the affected area. Such as headaches are combined in the sun, the top brain households or Britain, abdominal pain together in the umbilical. Can have anger Scotia on the inside, that Death is not off, subject to approval by its self off, the meat from the flush tank with gas and water out. “cupping method such that the investment is still quite commonly used thermal method. Also, a change in the past to lesions as a cupping position, pulled by suction points to improve treatment.

Meanwhile, the treatment of cupping therapy exceeded the scope to absorb successive drawing the boundaries of the main sore pus and blood, began to be used a variety of ailments, just as “Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica,” says: “cupping can cure headache and dizziness cold, wind Bi , abdominal pain, embolism, “can” do a cold without taking medicine. ”

In addition, the Qing • “Golden Mirror • Moxibustion meridians,” also referred to a treatment for mad dog bites a special cupping of the law, that bites, “urgently mouth of a jug of sand, to be filled in hot wine, hot very hot, to jug wine to the mouth to the bite, such as in cupping samples, exhaust bad for the degree of blood, break down self. ”

To sum up, cupping therapy in China has 2000 years of history and create a unique special treatment methods. However, it should be noted that the development process is very slow, it is a long time, mainly for the treatment of epilepsy kind of sore, although the Qing Dynasty the outreach, and from the general situation, Reng forgive the foreign rule in sore Surgery method being. Therefore, originally belonging to one of the cupping acupuncture and moxibustion method, a large number of acupuncture in ancient China was very rare works. Especially after the late Qing Dynasty, with the decline of acupuncture itself, Cupping is also living in the community and its development tends to be more stagnant.

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