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Introduction to health – the movement of life forms

As we all know, life is one of nature’s most fundamental activities of the material – gas together, scattered from, the result of joint movement, life is a form of physical movement. Living human body, is a motion of the human body. In the “Yellow Emperor” in further pointed out that the basic form of […]

Introduction to health – the basic characteristics of life activities

The first characteristic is the metabolic Medicine believes that life is the gasification of bio-physical movement, gasification is the nature of gas movement and shape. Of gas and forming the unity of opposites is the fundamental life processes of the particular conflict. This is life different from the non-essence of life. On this point, the […]

Health Studies

Health and longevity, the common aspiration of mankind since ancient times and are generally concerned about a major event. Especially with the increasingly rich spiritual life and material standard of living improve, people want a healthy, looking forward to longevity, “to make the end of their natural life span, degree of hundred years is going.” […]

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding of the origins of life

First, the Qi people to world health, four seasons of the law into. The so-called people of “aerial heaven and earth,” is that air of heaven and earth to provide the human body depends on the material conditions for survival; the so-called “Four Seasons of the law as” is that people have to adapt to […]

Aging changes in the anatomy and physiology and pathology

First, the body surface changes. Human physiological functions gradually decline often change, subtle changes in the earliest, and more from the body, appearance reflected. Common are the skin, hair changes with age, and then to face, teeth and body changes. These morphological changes of the body surface, mainly by the tissues, organs, caused by degenerative […]