Introduction to health – the basic characteristics of life activities

The first characteristic is the metabolic

Medicine believes that life is the gasification of bio-physical movement, gasification is the nature of gas movement and shape. Of gas and forming the unity of opposites is the fundamental life processes of the particular conflict. This is life different from the non-essence of life. On this point, the “Yellow Emperor” in clearly states: “yang qi, yin shape.” In other words, Yang is the process of gas, that is in the form of the body mass, into the invisible gas (hard to tell the naked eye subtle matter), that the functional activities. The Yin is the forming process, that is outside their own form of quality synthetic material.

Always trade-off of gas and forming, diminishing the long. But in normal life conditions, while maintaining the dynamic balance, the premise of each other, mutual transformation, is called “reverse complementary to each other.” Life is a continuous process of gas and forming process of the organism with the outside world that is constantly exchanging material and energy exchange process. It now appears that the role of alienation or a gas that is the process of catabolism, including the composition of body decomposition and the decomposition of the energy reserves to provide assimilation and organisms need other kinds of life activities. Forming process, the assimilation or anabolic, the intake of outside their own organizations of matter and energy reserves. Because of matter and energy are closely linked, all living matter bears some chemical energy, so the material exchange means energy exchange. Metabolism is essentially the material with the surrounding environment metabolism and energy metabolism. As Engels said: “life of an organism’s metabolism is the most general and most remarkable phenomenon.” Visible, metabolism is the life of the most salient features of any living individuals, have the basic features. If the body’s metabolic process of gradually weakened, people began to aging; Once stopped, life must end. From single cell organisms to higher animal and plant life was like that.

The second feature is a reactive

The so-called reactive, is the life on the subject from the external and internal stimuli, have the ability to react, such as hot and cold stimuli, pupillary light reflex, gag reflex, defecation response and so on.

The third characteristic is the growth and development

Any body have gone through life from birth to growth and development process. The so-called growth, is based on the metabolism of organisms, when assimilation exceeds catabolism, the organism’s weight and size will be increasing. The so-called development, for sexually reproducing creatures, is from the fertilized egg, through embryo, infancy, adulthood, old age until death. The two points are one of the basic characteristics of life.

The fourth characteristic is the reproductive and genetic

Reproduction of the results, the biological race to endless; genetic result is the basis of organism to maintain its stability. All life is both a significant feature of the body.

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