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Postpartum abdominal pain

[Overview] New postpartum main symptoms were abdominal pain, called “postpartum abdominal pain. The cause of abdominal pain postpartum uterine contraction pain, feeling cold abdominal pain, hurt food abdominal pain and abdominal pain, puerperal infection. This section focuses on postpartum uterus contraction pain, the Western equivalent of postpartum uterine contraction pain. Chinese medicine treatment the prognosis […]

Postpartum headache

Postpartum headache syndrome, known as “postpartum headache. Etiology, Pathology Excessive postpartum blood loss, lack of blood, blood does not keep the brain or physically weak to catch cold, the pathogenic cold off the brain, or bleeding people contact block brain network Erzhi. Blood deficiency postpartum excessive bleeding, lack of blood, empty brains, the blood does […]

Postpartum cough

Maternal in puerperium living carelessly or stasis the guilty or production factors such as consumption of blood lead Kechuan called on “postpartum cough. If of stasis Fanfei or time-consuming production of blood caused cough, beware made for the urgent certificate must be given active treatment, if necessary, Western medicine treatment. Etiology, Pathology The 1. The […]

Postpartum milk abnormal

[Overview] Postpartum milk little, or nothing, called “Queru”, or “milk no less than”; postpartum milk without the baby sucking overflow from time to time, referred to as “leakage of milk or milk from the overflow. Etiology, Pathology Etiology and pathology of the abnormal postpartum milk more frail, blood biochemical disorders and emotional depression-related liver failure […]

Postpartum hard stool

Postpartum puzzled poor stool, or dry stool, or a few days, and difficult to solve, called “postpartum hard stool. Etiology, Pathology This disease due to intestinal dry guitar, lost in the moist, conduction disadvantage due to two main reasons: 1 the blood deficiency chun dry postpartum excessive bleeding, Camp virtual Tianjin loss caused the intestinal […]